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The International Jerusalem Day

An interview with "Mahr" Iranian news agency, With his emimnence  the religious authority sayyed Muhammad hussein Fadlallah, on the occasion of the International Jerusalem Day:

Fadlullah: Jerusalem is the cause and the symbol of the nation's pride and dignity, and no force in the world can eliminate the Palestinians' will and their right to their land


Based on that, we stress the significance of the role of the Palestinians who represent the people that are most attached to this cause and who are, in a way or another, entrusted with it no matter how the arrogant nations tried to besiege and subdue them by feeling desperate from the reality. However, a true believer never gives up, for he is actually looking into Allah's eyes just as Allah spoke through Jacob (a.s.): "And despair not of Allah's mercy; surely none despairs of Allah's mercy except the unbelieving people." (12:87). In any case, the Palestinians have presented, throughout time, the best example of steadfastness against all the attempts of elimination and have proved that when they holdfast to their right by holding on to Allah's strong rope, not any power in the world can eliminate them or crush their will.

Jerusalem still represents the cause and the symbol that can, in no way, be abandoned

Man cannot be crossed out or eliminated from being effective in life, unless he eliminates himself, and if the will of life remains existent, then the cause turns into a blazing flare throughout time and the successive generations. 

The symbolism of Jerusalem

Q: In light of the shameful political developments in the Arab and Islamic region, does Jerusalem still represent a central and symbolic cause to the Arabs and Muslims?

A: The symbolism of Jerusalem to the Palestinian cause moves within the framework of the nation's dignity, pride, and its belief in its constant right against all the attempts of oppression, aggression, and marking time. Therefore, we believe that the nation even through its peoples and active parties strongly believes in this concept and moves within this framework. Thus, Jerusalem still represents the cause and the symbol that can, in no way, be abandoned, because abandoning Jerusalem is abandoning one's self and its active presence.

The impermissibility of the Judaization of Palestine

Q: What is the juristic Islamic stance from the Judaization of Palestine? 

A: We have issued a statement in which we confirmed that no one in the entire world enjoys the legitimacy of giving up one inch of Palestine, entire Palestine, as well as Jerusalem that represents the profound conscience and Islamic history and an essential symbol to the cause... We have also issued a fatwa in which we forbid all kinds of normalization with the enemy whatever the results of the movement of the Arab political regimes were. A Muslim can never legitimize the acts of usurpation, occupation, oppression, and aggression, and he can never be peaceful with he who endangers his existence and that of the nation in its present and future.

Q: The current trend goes for setting a trap to the Arabs represented by the talk about a formula which states the temporary settlement freezing in return for a full and permanent normalization. So, how can we face this tragicomic situation?

A: Unfortunately, the situation of many Arab regimes is one that resembles this description by a famous Arab poet:

He who is abased gets used to abasement     for a wound cannot hurt the dead


However, the issue is in the hands of the peoples, for no matter how the regimes worked within the humiliating political process, it is the peoples who enjoy continuity throughout time and they can fail any new attempts that aim at inflicting further humiliation and civilizational and historical death on the nation. Thus, the peoples have no other option but that of the resistance; resisting all these attempts with every means possible and in all aspects and going forth in making power for the sake for making a change in the future if it was not possible in the present time.

A Muslim can never legitimize the acts of usurpation, occupation, oppression, and aggression

Jerusalem Day

Q: Has Jerusalem Day turned merely into a day for celebration? Almost 30 years have passed since the call of Imam Khomeini to mark Jerusalem Day, so do not we need to develop the concern with this international Day?

We have always confirmed that Jerusalem Day ought to remain the symbol of the cause, yet this symbolism lies in the hands of the people, because only awareness transforms any celebration from its abstract form into its directional and educational horizon. As a matter of fact, charging the active live conscience for the sake of granting the cause its utmost momentum is the first step towards changing reality.

Moreover, we cannot but point out that celebrating Jerusalem Day should not be limited to one party or one side only, but rather we should guarantee the universality of this Day to encompass all its parties, sides, and fields. Moreover, we should guarantee that every person feels from his cultural, political, social, economic, military, and security position that he is concerned with this Day and that he can express, in his own way, the existence of this cause in his conscience, which provides the common ground for the movement of the entire society towards this cause, and not the movement of a part of it only. However, many people still consider themselves unconcerned with this celebration, outside the framework of this cause and its symbolism.