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The reception of an American delegation of university professors and intellectuals

Fadlullah: Let us address the global phenomena of violence by looking into their reasons and roots

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received a delegation from the American universities, including Dr. Norton Misvisky who is a lecturer at Connecticut City University, Lawyer Isam Saliba who is an official in the Congress Library, Dr. Ghassan Al-Id who is a Political Science lecturer, and Dr. Ibrahim Abu Rabi'a who is a lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Studies in Edmonton University in Canada. A lengthy dialogue took place over the backgrounds of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the religious and historical components of this struggle, the horizons of the coming period in light of the new US approach and the solutions it is proposing. The Sayyed also discussed with the delegation the parliamentary elections and the coming period in Lebanon, in addition to various academic issues.

Sayyed Fadlullah said during the meeting that any researcher who looks into the roots of the Palestinian cause should study on the one hand the aspects of the Jewish ambitions in Palestine and aspirations to establish a homeland there. They wanted this homeland to embrace the historical myth about a divine promise. The researcher should on the other hand examine the pressures these Jews were exposed to in the Western countries. As a result of these pressures, they lied in wait for an appropriate political opportunity and moment to make the organized Jewish immigration to Palestine meet its objective, namely establishing the nucleus of their project first, and then establishing the Israeli entity at a later stage.

Sayyed Fadlullah said that the problem with many political schools, even the academic and cultural ones in the West, is that they provide an ample chance for addressing the tragedy of the Jews, while they do not provide an opportunity for introducing the tragedies the Palestinians have been and are still exposed to. These tragedies are similar to a genocide, the last of which was the Gaza holocaust which many Western media worked hard to conceal, even though we are living in the era of the picture and satellite channels.

Fadlullah stressed the need to respect the unbiased western academic figures that tried to study history whether regarding the holocaust or other issues in a scientific and civilized manner. He noted that it is shameful for mankind that the entire world is set on fire and experiencing political and security and economic tension due to a myth that was meant to colonize the Middle East under the headline of the "historical promise". We know that the Jews who laid the foundations of this entity were looking for another place in Africa or elsewhere. But the international ploy on the one hand and the collusion of the Arabs and Muslims on the other hand, opened the horizons for the dream-myth to see light and announce its birth in the occupied Palestine.

The Sayyed stressed the need to study violence in the world through addressing its ideological roots and practices, as well as its facts. He added that the bloodiest scenes of violence throughout the history of mankind were seen in the West whether through the genocide against the native Indians in the United States or through the first and second world wars that claimed the lives of more than 80 million people. Besides, many wars were staged under religious or non-religious headlines, inside Europe, or ones that extended to the region thanks to the invasion of the West. We refused to refer to these wars as the crusaders war or the war of Christianity against Islam, because they are the wars of the occupiers and those seeking hegemony and domination and plunder.

Sayyed Fadlullah said it is imperative to address the global phenomenon of terrorism by addressing its roots, noting that we cannot deny that there are Islamic movements and factions practicing violence aside from the correct Islamic vision, but these movements were oppressed by others in most cases, so they tried to respond in a bloody manner that targeted the innocents. Islam rejects these practices out of hand, not to mention that many of these phenomena and movements were nurtured by the West, namely the United States which embraced and provided them with optimal conditions to flourish and expand. The United States manipulated these movements to invade the Arab and Islamic region before it paid the price later on thanks to the security and political developments that turned the magic against the magician.