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Fadlullah: Both Sunnis and Shiites ought to stand side by side and support the causes of the nation, spearheaded by the Palestinian cause

His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, Hajj Muhammad Fneish, and they went through the Lebanese situation vis--vis the results of the municipal elections, and discussed the ongoing developments in the region and their impact on Lebanon, as well as the opposition and resistance movement in the region.

His Eminence also received Sayyed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ameen, who visted His Eminence to check on his health. Moreover, he received Sayyed Hani Fahs and they went through a number of general Islamic affairs.

His Eminence also received the President of the Center of Beirut Al-Watan (the Homeland), Dr. Zuhair Al-Khatib, heading a delegation from the center, and they agreed on the necessity of protecting the line of Islamic unity from any disruptions. They also confirmed that both Sunnis and Shiites ought to stand side by side for the sake of backing the nation's most essential issues, spearheaded by the Palestinian cause, and confronting any attempts that aim to foment sedition amongst its factions.

His Eminence also received the Head of the Court of Audit, Judge Aouni Ramadan, accompanied by his Media Advisor, Mr. Muhammad Shakkour, and Judge Abdul-Rida Nasser, followed by the Member of Hezbollah's Politburo, "Abu Ali" Mustapha Ad-Dirani, and then a delegation from the Antonine University.

He also received the Publisher of As-Safir newspaper, Mr. Talal Salman, and Brigadier-general, Fouad Hussein Agha, heading a delegation form Az-Zakat Fund in Tripoli.