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Reception of a student delegation

Fadlullah: We moved from the period of direct tutelage to disguised ones

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a student delegation from the school of pharmacy in the Lebanese International University. The delegation asked the Sayyed scientific and educational and cultural questions, explaining the concerns of the students in Lebanon and the challenges awaiting them in the future.

The Sayyed told the delegation that the balances of power in the world are subjected to the power of science, and that the countries are classified according to their inventors and the progress of their scientific march, as well as their political status. Unfortunately, we, in the Arab world, are busy with our confessional conflicts and the explosive political issues, through which we provoke problems for our nation and restrict our movement and become too involved in political disputes which wipe out our aspirations and ambitions.

He added: Is it not embarrassing that our universities are filled with fatal sectarian and confessional and political tension?! People always ask: Is he Sunni, Shiite, Muslim, or Christian? In the past, we used to benefit from all ethnical, sectarian, and confessional groups which mingled altogether in an Islamic and Arab civilization, one that was classified by many as the mother of all modern civilizations.

He stressed that the students should not lock themselves in the closed sectarian reality or the divided political reality. The scientific horizons should come before any political calculations. He told the students: You should rush to grasp knowledge with a spirit that seeks excellence and innovation. Science is at the heart of the real resistance. It is the spirit and pulse of that resistance which is not only confined to a gun. Rather, it is a scientific movement that studies the field reality and surrounding circumstances. It seeks to liberate the country and protect it through monitoring the situation and developments with a scientific mentality that is open to all horizons.

He affirmed that the first service we can offer to the younger generations is by seeking to liberate them from the cultural occupation and much tutelage. The less any country needs the services provided by others, the more liberated and sovereign it becomes. Today, we have moved from direct tutelages to disguised ones in which foreign sides seek to benefit from, in order to drag Lebanon in the game of bartering at the level of the region, and in order for everyone of these sides to improve their role at the expense of the Lebanese role. As such, Lebanon will be in custody of states and axes after it was in the custody of one position and marginal ones next to it.