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Reception of a delegation of the Freedom Front
Fadlullah: We are not suffering from a freedom crisis but from external breaches to it

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received Dr. Fo'uad Abu Nader and some of the members of the Freedom Front: lawyer Wadi' Al-Haj Moussa, Dr. Jean Pierre Haddad, and Mr. Ibrahim Saad. The delegation discussed with His Eminence the developments of the current situations and the elections and the means of building Lebanon within consensual formulas, which conform to the charters and prevent fighting with each other and re-entering into the mazes of strife and war.

His Eminence noted that the problem in Lebanon does not reside in the issue of freedom that is unanimously agreed upon, but in how to secure this freedom away from the external breaches that will continue as long as the sectarian regime of dividing up of benefits continues to exist, and give way to everyone who wishes to penetrate the Lebanese diverse society to mess it up anytime he wants.

He added that Lebanon is not going through a genius crisis, for the Lebanese genius can be found inside and abroad. However, the problem is that this genius is dispersed and scattered and lacks an organizer, because the internal organizer lives amid the crises and divisions. This fact is consecrated to the extent that we found out that the "League", which we all look up to as one of the arenas of the cultural dialogue that sets the foundations for resolving the problems in the country, has turned, in many examples, into a site of clashing, although in a different matter. Moreover, the problem now resides in how to handle matters and not in the issue itself they differ upon, for we regard disagreement as a basis for dialogue and understanding. However in Lebanon, even the dialogue turned into a clashing dialogue in which every party works on imposing its own point of view coercively and based on useless political reactions.

His Eminence noted that the problem, which the diverse Lebanese parties and sects are going through, resides in the emergence of personalism as a dilemma that is restraining parties from internal openness, in addition to the fact that their political initiatives and cultural projects are conducted only on the level of elite leaders. As for the bases, they are meant only to applaud and hail… Under the absence of integration between the bases and leaders, we will remain within the internal problem that we can not step out of, in order to solve the general dilemma at the level of the country. That is why we need the leaders to embrace the culture of modesty and the bases to embrace the culture of participation, so that the internal structure, at the level of organizations, parties, sects, unions and so on, can give a hand in the general construction at the level of the country and the nation.

Abu Nader:

After the meeting, Abu Nader said: As part of the round we are making to explain our own political project and the political orientations we support, it was vital to meet His Eminence whom we have always considered, since the 80's where Lebanon was sunk in its problems, to be an asset for the country. His words used, as they do now, to relieve and heal the wounds, and at the same time, give hope for rebuilding Lebanon. We consider it is necessary to listen to his ideas and be enlightened with his thoughts, so that we can accomplish the things he talks about and he points out as the free Lebanon, Lebanon the freedom, and the freedom of man.