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Reception of Major-General Jamil Al-Sayyid

The Sayyed: The mistakes committed by the political and judicial authority have jeopardized the country

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received Major-General Jamil Al-Sayyed who thanked the Sayyed for his [supportive] positions, especially for his family, during his detention, as well as attempting to reveal the truth about his case.

Sayyed Fadlullah noted that the entire state should conduct a revision of the relations between the political power and the Judiciary. He underlined the need that the Judiciary should not be exposed to pressures, in order for it to function independently and enjoy immunity in all its decisions, particularly ones pertaining to the destiny of the country and major crimes like that of former Prime Minister Rafiq Al-Hariri.

He added that many mistakes were committed by the political and judicial powers, and these mistakes jeopardized the Lebanese security, such as dealing with the case of the Israeli agents upon the saying: “Let bygones be bygones,” although these agents acted as the eyes, ears and hands of the enemy during the occupation period. However, after the defeat of Israel in 2000, some political sides called for embracing and defending these agents, which was negatively reflected on the country through the espionage networks whose crimes were uncovered lately, while some other spies might still be at large.

On another note, Sayyed Fadlullah called for dealing with the US initiatives with caution, as these initiatives rest on complete normalization with Israel, in return for ceasing the settlement activities. He added that they want to imply that the Arab Nation has realized its goals by the mere freezing or cessation of the settlement activities, without anyone raising the issue of the usurpation of Palestine and without giving the Palestinians the so-called viable Palestinian State.

Sayyed Fadlullah also said that the settlement activities – which represent the pillar of the Zionist project – have turned into a second state of Israel, and the settlers have constituted their own army, militia and regime. This state practices murder and assassination and burns the pastures in the West Bank, with it enjoying a cover up by Israel. Despite this reality, we still hear voices in some Arab circles, calling for disarming the resistance, because the United States and Israel want the settlement activities – which Israel calls a “normal growth” – to eradicate the bases of the Palestinians’ lives. They want any arguments on these settlement activities to be directed in a manner that leads eventually to ratifying and consolidating them. For this reason, we do not take the US talk on firmness with Israel seriously, and we warn against rushing to applaud to any words that remain ink on paper and fade away quickly.