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Sayyed Fadlullah: The continuing tensions between some Arab countries have negative effects on Lebanon

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah   received Fawzi Salloukh, the Lebanese Foreign Minister, and discussed with him the atmospheres of the Lebanese President's visit to the capital of Qatar. They also went through the promises the Qatari officials had made to the Lebanese officials to help Lebanon on the economic, political and other levels.

Salloukh briefed the Sayyed about the conditions of the Lebanese immigrants, especially in Africa, and the on-going Israeli campaigns against the Lebanese there. He also briefed him about the efforts Lebanon has made in many African countries to reveal the goals of the Israeli campaigns.

For his part, Salloukh emphasized that the solutions to economic, political, and social problems in Lebanon would soon be realized. He also stressed that Lebanon is in continuous need of its friends in addressing complex problems, and especially its Arab and Muslim brothers and those who wish to help the country overcome its difficulties.

The Sayyed called for united efforts among the Lebanese and Arabs, indicating that the Arab countries, especially those with close ties with Lebanon, could play a big role in providing an adequate environment for the Lebanese dialogue.

H.E also pointed out that the Arab and Islamic countries could contribute to finding realistic political and economic solutions that would ensure that the next elections are held in spirit of openness and tolerance.  

He also called on the Arab League to shoulder its responsibilities in bringing the viewpoints of the Arab countries closer together. That is because the continuity of tensions between some Arab countries might negatively affect the Lebanese situation, especially that we are witnessing some internal tensions that are characterized by foreign interventions that might have negative impacts on Lebanon and its future.