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Sayyed Fadlullah:
The Lebanese stability is internationally encouraged and regionally sponsored

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received MP Ismail Sukariah and discussed with him the developments in the region and Lebanon, especially the latest reconciliations and its impact on the political and popular levels.

H.E. said that the reconciliation and stability among the Lebanese political class represent one of the things that enjoy international encouragement and regional support, as it seems that all parties want Lebanon to take a fighter’s rest especially on the military and security levels. Instead they want the coming period to focus on the political level and the preparation for the coming elections and what follows them. The Sayyed added that this does not include Israel and those who are with it, since at a time we witness some Israeli moves which suggest that Israel wants to draw closer to Lebanon and even the possibility of holding negotiations with Lebanon at some later stage, we also see that it continues its security subversion in Lebanon, to realize what it failed to do in the July war… That is why we warn that the Israeli effort is concentrating on such subversion which might cause additional tragedies and anarchy or an internal strife.

As people, of all sects and affiliations should unite and support the state, the army and the security institutions in haunting Israeli agents, the state and the political parties should move to heal the political wounds that created a rift the enemy and its agents were able to take advantage of, to penetrate our internal front rather easily at certain times.