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Reception of a delegation of the Islamic community in Britain
Fadlullah called to define terrorism, not to exploit it politically, and to face it globally

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a British delegation that included a number of the figures of the Muslim community in Britain. The delegation included: the judge at the Financial Prosecutor General, Sabira Mortada Lakha, Yamam Nabil who works at several British and international media companies, Head of the Society of Muslim Sociologists in Britain, Dr. Anas El-Sheikh Ali, lawyer Fateem Karji, Director of the International Relations of Al-Khoo'i Association in London… The British Ambassador to Lebanon, Francis Guy, attended the meeting, in addition to some of the members of the British Embassy.

During the meeting, they discussed the general situations of the Muslims and the Islamic communities in Europe, generally, and Britain in specific. The delegation briefed His Eminence on the work of 14 Muslim deputies in the British House of Commons and two Muslim ministers in the British Government. It also explained to His Eminence the way the Muslim community performs in Britain and how it coordinates with the other communities and the different classes of the British society. The delegation also thanked His Eminence for his stands, legal opinions (fatwas) and speeches that represent contemporary scientific answers on many matters that the Muslim youth abroad wonders about, especially concerning the political, social and economic issues.

His Eminence emphasized that the Islamic community ought to abide by the hospitality rules that the Muslims proved to work with as good guests and organized representatives who make sure to present the civilized Islamic image in the countries of the European Union, despite all the distortion and provocation attempts conducted against Islam, and regardless of the means used to make people fear from Islam and that the Western media and political institutions have got used to marketing them in the recent years.

His Eminence explained to the delegation some of the Islamic concepts that the media have been trying hard to distort recently, especially concerning what is related to the Islamic concept of violence, pointing out that violence in the view of Islam is defensive and preventive and that it does not legitimize it, unless to face those who impose violence on us and occupy our countries, noting that the basis of Islam is kindness, clemency, and mercy towards whom we relate with, regardless of his religious or ethnic or political identity.

His Eminence indicated that the Muslims all around the world were victims of violence, due to the informational and political distortion whose results were reflected on the Islamic communities in the West generally. Muslims even turned, in their own countries, into victims of violence due to the wars waged by the United States and its occupation to some of the Islamic countries and positions under the pretext of fighting terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. His Eminence rejected the idea of treating Muslims as suspects and terrorists and said that they should be treated as direct and indirect victims of wars waged against their countries and cultural and intellectual bases represented by true Islam and its sublime concepts. He also emphasized that the takfiris have inflicted harm on Islam more than on others, stressing on the necessity to encounter terrorism by encountering its reasons and calling to distinguish between resisting the occupation and targeting civilians. Moreover, he noted that it is necessary to define terrorism and work on facing it internationally, whether it was terrorism of a state or terrorism of individuals, so that the matter is no longer exploited politically to be used against our peoples, religion, and causes.

His Eminence underlined that we, as Muslims, are looking forward to embrace peace with all peoples of the world, emphasizing that Islam wants us to open up on the peoples of the world to engage with them in friendship and cooperation relations concerning what could benefit humankind and elevate the general human structure… However, we are concerned, at the same time, with preserving our humanity and homelands, and our national and Islamic personality and values as well.  

In the course of responding to the questions of the delegation, His Eminence welcomed the cooperation of the Islamic community with other communities concerning the social, economic, and even political issues that focus on respecting man and the freedom of thought and expression, calling not to collapse in front of the Zionist propaganda that indicated that it controls many Western informational, political, and thought positions as it considers any criticism against the Israeli policies to be anti-Semitic. He also noted that it is really shameful for the Western circles to deem criticizing some Jews or historical events as anti-Semitic, while they remain silent towards the offenses conducted against Jesus Christ (a.s.) and Prophet Muhammad (p.), rather they consider them as part of the freedom of expression that is impossible not to respect its ideological rules in the Western system.