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Reception of the representative of "Hamas Movement" in Lebanon

Fadlullah called for establishing a project that brings together the Sunni and Shiite resistance and Islamic movements

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the representative of "Hamas Movement" in Lebanon, Ossama Hamdan. They went through the developments in occupied Palestine, and the attempts of large-scale deportation of the Palestinians, especially in occupied Jerusalem. Hamdan briefed the Sayyed on the Palestinian Palestinian dialogue sponsored by Cairo, its expected results, the issue of reconstructing Gaza, and the local alternatives invented by the Palestinian people as the siege on Gaza continues in its new forms.

His Eminence noted that the continued Israeli aggression on the Palestinians, represented by colonization, and the continued raids on Rafah that violate the Egyptian sovereignty is a new title of this phase. This phase is characterized by an American approval to pursue the war on the Palestinians that aims at driving the Palestinians to yield to the conditions of the International Quartet Committee; at the top of these conditions is recognizing the Zionist entity, considering that as a decisive international stand which is irrevocable under any political situations. Actually, this explains the complications of the current political stage in the region, regardless of the American statements that lead to optimistic feelings towards resolving the Palestinian cause, although the so-called International Community has not demanded that Israel should recognize the Palestinian people.

He added: I think it is necessary to establish a real cooperation between the resistance movements that continuously engage in facing the Israeli enemy, as well as facing the occupation forces in the region. As a matter of fact, any delay in establishing an Islamic resistance project that brings together all the Sunni and Shiite Islamic movements and leaderships paves the way for the international and Zionist arrogant forces, and whoever supports them, to nurture their ability to target the national and Islamic forces, as much as it provides the opportunity to re-produce the project of hegemony over the region, which suffered from serious setbacks in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and whose supervisors did not surrender nor did they declare withdrawing it totally from the field and political arena in the region.

His Eminence emphasized the support of the Palestinian Palestinian dialogue in terms of the constants that the Palestinian people adhere to, concerning the issue of their irrefutable rights. He also pointed out to the necessity of making the dialogue successful, away from the international and regional terms that want the dialogue to consider the interests of Israel and its security and conditions. In addition, he called those participating in the dialogue to seriously seek a practical strategy that guarantees the internal Palestinian unity through a practical program set by the Palestinians themselves, and not through an international "agenda" that this Arab party or that tries to impose. This is because what the enemy failed to achieve during its savage aggression on Gaza should not be presented to it on a silver plate, in terms of the Palestinian Palestinian dialogue that some might try to direct towards what serves the interests of this Arab party or that international one.