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Reception of a delegation from the American University Students

Fadlullah: America is ready to bargain over Lebanon in any future deals


His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said that he who seeks liberating the country from one tutelage and not the other is either not faithful to the country or he has a confused conception of independence. He also noted that the United States of America is the last one entitled to talk about Lebanon's independence over which it has bargained several times, and tried to hand it over to Syria in return of the Golan, and offered Syria the opportunity of deploying its troops in Lebanon until the borders of occupied Palestine, in return of disarming the Resistance; and it was the one behind the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006. His Eminence emphasized that the American Administration is no charitable organization; actually, it is ready to bargain over Lebanon's independence in return of naturalization or in any future international – regional deal.

His Eminence received a delegation from the American University of Beirut. The delegation posed several scientific and political questions on the Sayyed and they discussed the challenges facing the university students in Lebanon vis-ŕ-vis the economic crisis and the widespread of unemployment, and they asked him questions on where does Islam stand from the scientific and technological progress, including Islam's point of view on cloning and genetics, in addition to some other questions on independence and the concept of full independence.

His Eminence addressed the delegation, saying:    

O young students! I feel rejuvenated when I meet you, because youth is not merely an age attained by man, but rather it is a phase where the mind interacts, progresses, and develops, and the heart beats with life and good, and it is a movement that opens up to man's issues of life, especially the youth that you represent and that embarks on attaining knowledge and completing studies, rendering you the aware vanguard that protects the nation's expectations and goals in the future. The future, just as the present, requires the movement of the youth, because the future whose lines are drawn in the outside is meant to be aged and full of complications. Moreover, there are certain people who try to extend their aged mentalities into the future in order to create an old future that extends into the mentalities inherited by their sons… these people are the ones that the enemy wanted to make them produce a defeatist future so that the generations would pass down their intellectual and political defeats that would handcuff the nation, turning these defeats into limitations that besiege the nation's future as it had besieged its past, especially during the last decades since the occupation of Palestine.

He added: In Lebanon, there is an ongoing talk about independence which is placed at times against this Arab axis, and at other times against that Islamic position. However, the real independence, which means the country's liberation from the Zionist enemy and its fortification against that enemy's greed and schemes, is something forbidden by many of those who listen to the daily Israeli threats and see, with their own eyes, the Israeli maneuvers that aim at preparing for a comprehensive war on Lebanon, yet they remain silent about all this ongoing threat against the country's independence and fate.

He added: Perhaps the problem of Lebanon since it was declared a state or has become independent lies in the fact that Lebanon remained far from a clear explicit and full independence, or that the Lebanese view of independence differs from one to the other; some wanted Lebanon to be independent from its Arab and Islamic surroundings, while others wanted it to be free and independent in the face of the Israeli enemy without abandoning any responsibility towards the nation… We believe that he who seeks liberating the country from one tutelage and not the other is either not faithful to the country or has a distorted conception of independency. Therefore, he ought not to impose it as the role model that everyone ought to commit to, or else they would be considered against the country's independence.

He continued: We are listening nowadays to repeated statements by some American officials which reassert that the current American Administration will not bargain with anyone over Lebanon's independence; the same expression that was used by previous American administrations, including the administrations of the neoconservatives. However, the truth is that no one in the entire world has sold out the independence of Lebanon as the United States of America has, except the Zionist entity; that was raised by America. America is the one that deployed its sixth fleet on our country's shores; it is the one who tried more than once to hand Lebanon over to Syria in return of the Golan Heights; a proposal that the late Syrian president, Hafiz Al-Assad, has refused. Moreover, America is the one that sent to the current Syrian President, Bashar Al-Asad, before the 1559 resolution, that it is ready to approve of deploying the Syrian army in Lebanon until the borders of occupied Palestine, in return of disarming the Resistance, which again Syria did not accept. Thus, America is the last one entitled to talk about Lebanon's independence, knowing that it was the one who played a leading role in the 2006 war on Lebanon, which was aimed to be the midwife for a "new Middle East". In addition, America is the one who destroyed Lebanon's infrastructure and is still killing, by its arms and cluster bombs, civilians in South Lebanon. As for those who are saying that the previous administration was responsible for these events, we ask them: why does the current administration insist on performing major military maneuvers with the enemy who has explicitly declared that these maneuvers simulate certain targets in Lebanon? Why is this administration still sending to the enemy tons of smart bombs, in addition to its marine arsenal to support it, at the time the investigations carried out by the United Nations on the crime wars committed by the enemy's army in Gaza are published.

He added: We say to the Lebanese, especially those who listen to the advice and directions of the American envoys, or those who feel comfortable when the American Ambassador talks about her administration's concern about Lebanon… we say to them: you ought to examine carefully the words you hear, because America is not a charitable organization that sends help to those in need and issues stands in their favor, but rather it is the one who is always ready to bargain over Lebanon's independence, and even return to its previous suggestions that include deporting whoever wants to leave Lebanon. Moreover, Lebanon is still a card that could be used in any bargain or deal that might be concluded in the region and it is still a preferred location for naturalization; thus, the Americans would not need Lebanon or have a problem with it, unless it starts to threaten the security of the Zionist entity.

He concluded: We are awaiting a single American stand that condemns the Israeli aggression on Lebanon and denounces the daily airspace violations, as well as the mock raids carried out by the enemy's warplanes. But the problem lies in the fact that this issue is of no concern to many Lebanese, so how would it concern the Americans who have become specialized in occupying homelands or legitimizing occupation?! Therefore, how could they be asked to be partners in achieving independence, for how could someone offer something he does not possess?!