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war on Gaza, Palestine

Fadlullah: Gaza is defending the entire region; Some Arab rulers sanctify the boundaries drawn by the occupier and disown their nationalistic responsibilities

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayeyd Muhamamd Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation from the Islamic Resistance Support Association headed by Hajj Hussein Al-Shami, and discussed the overall situation in Lebanon and the region, in light of the schemes targeting the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon.

His Eminence, the Sayyed, stressed that the entire nation must react to what is going on in Gaza, so as to motivate

everyone to support the steadfast Gaza and its generous and patient and faithful people.

He added: "The Palestinian people who are fighting - with their modest capacities - the most brutal and arrogant and spiteful people on earth, and the most advanced war machine, are in fact leading their battle in defense of the entire nation, and the Muslims and Arabs altogether. As such, these people are worth of practical field support, though the Arab and Islamic peoples have proven to be in one trench, while their dormant regimes are in another trench.

He continued: "We expected everyone to rush to support their brothers in Gaza against the enemy, but the boundaries drawn by the occupiers have become very sacred to many rulers who sanctify them and the agreements and treaties endorsed with the enemy. Thus, they disown their national and nationalistic and Islamic duties, especially since some of them have become parts of the project that is against the nation's interests, while others are concerned about their fate should their positions provoke the outrage of the Zionists and the Americans.