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The aggression on Gaza, Hezbollah

received Sheikh Na'im Qassim and Sheikh Muhammad Yazbek
 Fadlullah: Israel stands impotent in front of the heroic resistance in Gaza; murdering the families points to its failure

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received Hezbollah's Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Na'im Qassim, and discussed the overall situation in both Lebanon and the region, in addition to the developments and consequences of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

During the meeting, Fadlullah and Qassim stressed the need to carry on efforts at various levels to support the Palestinian people and provide them with all means of steadfastness and confrontation. Also, they agreed that political and public actions should continue to take place, in order to back the field battle with decisive decisions in support of the wonderful heroic resistance manifested by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and the public Palestinian support for this resistance.

Sayyed Fadlullah said that the Zionist entity is facing a real impasse despite the spate of massacres it has perpetrated and the international cover and opportunities provided by regional sides affiliated to the American project. He also stressed that the enemy's resort to genocides in murdering whole families and civilians directly, reveals its weakness and impotence in facing the Palestinian resistance, and its attempts to foment sedition between the resistance and its people. It is the same modus operandi this enemy used in Lebanon, but failed, and the same results will be faced in Gaza, he said.

His Eminence, the Sayyed, also said that Israel is unable to triumph over the Palestinian resistance and invade Gaza, despite thousands tons of bombs the Israeli warplanes hurled on Gaza, its civilians, institutions, mosques, universities, and various sites. He added that this shows that the enemy can no longer invade any Arab city should steadfastness, confrontation mechanisms, and the public willpower exist.

He affirmed that the nation must back Gaza and its steadfast and patient people, by demonstrating supportive stances that are not limited to nominal positions, but extend to practical measures to pressure the enemy and its supporters. He added that the free and opposition sides in the nation will not spare any mean to achieve this goal.