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Reception of a delegation from several Lebanese southern villages

Fadlullah: One of the most forbidden acts is to fight one another under lame sectarian titles

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, confirmed that one of the most forbidden acts is to fight one another under lame political or sectarian titles, at the time Al-Aqsa is about to fall, and the Palestinian cause is about to collapse.

He also pointed out that the political leaders in Lebanon are not fighting over matters related to the Righteous Caliphate or the rule (Vilayat) of the Members of the House (a.s.), but rather over political issues that have to do with their interests; i.e. political disputes that might escalate or be alleviated. Thus, we ought not to turn them into sectarian differences. Moreover, he stressed on the fact that the strength of Muslims lies in their unity that does not neglect the Christians, but rather protects the entire country.

His Eminence received a delegation from the dignitaries, mayors and heads of the municipalities of the villages of Marwaheen, Al-Zallootiyye, Al-Bustan, Al-Th'hayra, Yareen, and Um At-Toot. They discussed the situations of these villages in terms of the threats imposed by the enemy, and the lack of many primary services to consecrate the steadfastness of the people of these villages, as well as those that are close to occupied Palestine.

Sheikh Adel At-Turki spoke on behalf of the delegation and said: we thank His Eminence for his generous gestures towards these villages and their people. Moreover, we can feel the significance of his openness and we are enlightened by his unifying thought. All our villages thank you and appreciate your generous concern and your thought that not only represents a guarantee to the Islamic unity and the Muslims, but also to the joint living and the protection for all the Lebanese.

His Eminence addressed the delegation and said:

It is a nice opportunity to meet you all and our brothers that live on the front and suffer from what was inflicted on Lebanon by the Israeli enemy that did not differentiate between a Sunni and a Shiite in the acts of aggression and massacres it has committed and killed both the Muslims and Christians without discrimination and regardless of the identity of each, since the enemy's only concern is achieving its goals, taking only its own security into consideration to the detriment of the security of the Lebanese, the Arabs, the Muslims, and the Christians.

He added: I appreciate your great steadfastness and consistency despite the huge pains you suffered from by the massacre of Marwaheen and by the aggression on your villages, and by the fact that the Israeli warplanes haunted and targeted the civilians' cars. Your pain is our pain and your steadfastness and consistency are steadfastness for the country and a consistency in our movement. Actually, your steadiness in your villages represents a kind of a silent Jihad that says clearly to the enemy that it cannot defeat us, for we are standing strong at the fronts of our country preventing the enemy from crossing the boundaries or from carrying out another aggression or similar foolish acts…

He continued: We appreciate your wide openness to your surrounding, and your Islamic openness to the line of Islamic unity, because - not only in Lebanon, but also in the entire Islamic world - we have no other choice than Islamic unity, which turns the Muslims into a strong force against the enemy and the international arrogance, and which unites the Muslims on their doctrinal and political constants and on the pillars of Islam… Our strength in Lebanon lies in being united at the Islamic level. Actually, the unity between the Sunnis and the Shiites represents an integral part of the Lebanese strength, and it is a guarantee for their unity, and a support to their strength, as much as it is the primary protection for the country that cannot ignore the unity with the rest of the Christian Lebanese citizens.

He added: Lebanon is the country of diversity to the extent that its political differences and disputes have become an integral part of its movement, and even its formation. However, these differences are many and continuous and might escalate or be alleviated according to the country's surrounding circumstances and the several overlapping dossiers, yet they are no more than political disputes in which sects have no role whatsoever. The political leaders in Lebanon are not fighting over matters related to the Righteous Caliphate or the rule (Vilayat) of the Members of the House (a.s.), or other titles that are meant to be incited and created from time to time; their disputes are no more than political ones that we ought not to turn into sectarian ones because that would be a violation of the country's and the people's security, as much as it represents an aggression on Islam itself. Everyone, be they in political or religious positions, ought to bear full responsibility of adopting the path undertaken by the Muslims after the death of the Messenger of Allah (p.); which was confirmed by Imam Ali (a.s.) in his Hadith: "I will keep the peace as long as the affairs of the Muslims are maintained."

He continued: I was told recently that when the former American State Secretary, Henry Kissinger, was asked in one of his seminars attended by a number of intellectuals about his view of the situation in the Middle East, he answered that it is the hundred years war between the Sunnis and the Shiites… Surely, this reflects their schemes and conspiracies to submerge the nation in the hell of sectarian disputes, so that Israel would dominate over Palestine fully, and America would tighten its grip on the nation's wealth and control its strategic locations. Therefore, one of the most forbidden acts is to fight one another under lame titles and drift into the sedition fomented for us.

As we see how Al-Aqsa Mosque is almost totally judaized by the Zionists, and as we are try to foresee the future of the Palestinian cause, we realize that the latter has almost collapsed in the Zionists' hands, and even in the hands of those who pretend to belong to the cause and hold its banner, while they receive their orders from the enemy or bow before the pressures of Obama's Administration. However, its real face was exposed in the recent "Goldstone" report scandal and it was unmasked before the Muslims as an administration that only works for the interest of Israel and does not even care about the formality of the so-called peace it claims that it is striving for in the region.

We ought to strive to maintain the Islamic unity throughout time and the national unity against all those lurking around to harm us, and we ought to set plans to face the enemy and not to face each other or dive deep in our differences and disputes.