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Sayyed Fadlullah received a delegation of the Gathering of Beirut Youth

Receiving the Gathering of Beirut Youth, Sayyed Fadllullah:
Current wounds should be treated,
 not reopened

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah addressed a delegation of the Gathering of Beirut Youth, who praised his role in solidifying internal Muslim unity in Lebanon.

Emphasizing the role of Muslim unity in building the Lebanese people, H. E. said:

The Lebanese general unity cannot be built except through the Muslim base which we want to be strong and fortified by its unity, so as to form - along with the Christian base - a solid and strong ground that the Lebanese can build on all levels.

The Sayyed added that the history of Beirut is the history of unity that has not known sectarian fanaticisms or confessional sensitivities.

Beirut has always embraced the Arab and Muslim militants who   confronted Israel occupier… Beirut has demonstrated its support of the Palestinian cause and all who embraced it, from the late Egyptian President, Nasser to the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

We have always asserted that the differences between brothers should be settled through dialogue… We know that there are open wounds that inflicted the internal Islamic front as well as the general Lebanese one, but we should view these wounds in their political environment and seek to treat them. We should not reopen them by the fiery rhetoric that aims at moving these differences from their political realm into sectarian sensitivities that have nothing to do with them.

I wonder, along with many others, why the American Administration insists on picturing any problem in the Arab and Muslim world as a sectarian one. And why is all this focusing on the Sunnis and Shiites?

Why do not they talk about the injustice done to both of them by the American and Israeli occupations?

They want us to disperse our efforts in internal strives that would prevent us from liberating our lands, and engage in a sectarian debate that does not take Islam's tolerance into consideration, but rather presents the Shiites and the Sunnis as two fighting tribes… The problems of our Islamic world did not emerge from the Shiite and Sunnis points of view in understanding Islam but as a result of the American project and Israel's usurpation of Palestine.

The Sayyed ended by pointing out that Lebanon is paying the price of instability as a result of its embracing the resistance against the Israeli enemy and the second is the freedom that Lebanon enjoys, since this freedom which we do not want it to turn into chaos, has been able to inspire many people in the Arab and Muslim worlds to stand with the line of confrontation and not that of defeatism.