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Fadlullah: Terrorism is an international and not an Islamic phenomenon

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received Dr. Fernando Parisi, Paraguay's Ambassador to Lebanon, and discussed with him the relations between Lebanon and Paraguay and the means of developing them. They also discussed the conditions of the Lebanese communities in Paraguay and in the Latin American states, and the challenges they face on all levels, particularly the political level. The Ambassador conveyed to the Sayyed the regards of the Paraguayan President and his Foreign Minister, Alejandro Hamed, and their appreciation to his political and religious distinction.

His Eminence emphasized the importance of developing the Arab relations with the Latin American states, since they enjoy political independence and open up on all the peoples of the world, including the Arab peoples, in a spirit of friendship, cooperation and respect on the basis of mutual interests in which no party will pay any price from its freedom and independence and its country's sovereignty.

The Sayyed praised the steps of cooperation that were introduced by the Arab Summit two weeks ago with the Latin American states. He pointed out that most of these states have preceded Europe in liberating themselves from the American hegemony, and were able to overcome all American pressures to create a political entity of a distinguished international position.

Sayyed Fadlullah pointed out that Islam has asked all Muslims to open up on the peoples of the world through a rational and objective dialogue that respects the other and recognizes its particularities and seeks to build a strong friendship with him. He emphasized that the peoples of Latin America are among the peoples who have opened up the most on the others. He also pointed out to several common factors that associate them to the Arab and Muslim peoples, not least of which is the opposition of both parties to the attempts of the international arrogance to seize their resources and political decisions. He also added that the stand of the Latin American states, supported by their peoples, with the Arab causes, especially the Palestinians cause, is a sign of good and a gesture of devotion that ought to be appreciated and rewarded by a similar, if not better gestures by the Arab and Muslim governments and peoples, including the building of strong political and economic relations with them.

The Sayyed reasserted his continuous advice to the Lebanese and Muslim communities in Paraguay to respect the general order and security of the country, adding that terrorism is an international phenomenon that has its own causes and motives.

It is not an Islamic phenomenon as some of the western media try to picture…The Sayyed ended by calling to study the root causes of this phenomenon and dealing with them by political economic and social means.