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Fadlullah: Let us preserve Lebanon as a basis of dialogue and a center of creativity

His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, emphasized on the necessity of preserving Lebanon as a basis of dialogue and a state that embodies the cultural and human wealth in the region, confirming the importance of preserving the country as a basis of intellectual and scientific creativity. Meanwhile, Minister of Justice, Ibrahim Najjar, emphasized that we all share the same fate in this country amidst the storms raging at the region, confirming that every single person ought to shoulder his responsibility so as to protect Lebanon.

His Eminence received Ministers Najjar and As-Sayyed Hussein, and they went through the general situation in Lebanon and the region.

During the meeting, His Eminence highlighted the idea that Lebanon represents a major base for dialogue in the region and one of the positions of cultural and human wealth, confirming that everyone ought to shoulder the responsibility of preserving these two traits and protecting them by all legitimate means. He also emphasized that we should work hard for the sake of turning Lebanon into a basis of creativity and looking for whosoever grants Lebanon a spirit, movement and creativity in its intellectual, scientific and humanitarian quest.

In the course of the discussion, Minister Najjar emphasized that the Lebanese people share the same course and fate amidst the big storms raging at the region; therefore, we ought to do our best so as to preserve this course and ourselves, and consequently preserve the country and the future of its generations.

His Eminence also received MP Abdul-Lateef Az-Zein, and then MP Ali Ammar, and they went through the ongoing situation.

His Eminence had also received the Iraqi Minister of Education, Khdeir Al-Khuzai'i, who briefed the Sayyed on the Iraqi situation and listened to the advice of His Eminence and his general view towards the current Iraqi affairs.

His Eminence also received a phone call from the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri Al-Maliki, who checked on the health of the Sayyed, and they discussed the general situation in the region, mainly the Iraqi situation.