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Sayyed Fadlullah received two European deputies representing the Leftist European Parties

Sayyed Fadlullah: It is time for an effective European-Arab movement that prevents America from continuing its series of destructive actions

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, emphasized that the crisis in Lebanon could be solved in as much as the American Administration ceases to interfere in the Lebanese internal affairs.

His Eminence indicated the importance of creating real Islamic Arab-European cooperation on the peoples level in order to prevent America from continuing its series of destructive actions in the region.

Sayyed Fadlullah received a delegation of the Union of the Leftist European Parties (that consists of 27 parties), represented by the Portuguese European, MP Miguel Portas, and the Italian European MP Grazella Masia, and discussed with them the European-Arab relationships, in addition to the role of the Leftist European parties in strengthening these relationships.

The delegation announced that there are many opportunities for cooperating with the Arab and Muslim people, especially concerning the issue of freedom, refusing occupation and wars, defending the human rights, and calling for establishing peace in the region and among all peoples. It also indicated that the life of the European peoples is getting more difficult due to the neoliberalism that does not take into consideration the people's interests, stressing the necessity of working for improving the relationships with the Arab and Muslim people as a basic means in the path of the mutual understanding that ought to lead to a more economic, social, political and cultural cooperation.

On his part, the Sayyed welcomed this suggestion, pointing out to the importance of purifying the European-Arab relationships as well as the European-Islamic relationships from all blemishes that resulted from the old colonization and the complications made by the American Administration that has pressurized several European countries and wanted the European Union to join and follow its aggressive policy against the Arab and Islamic region.

His Eminence also expressed his sorrow because some European countries, especially Britain and France, have adopted the impetuous American policy led by the American President, because this policy caused a lot of pain to the Arab people, especially to Muslims and it led to many negative consequences that agitated the European - Islamic relationships.

The Sayyed added: The US, along with its neoconservative Administration, through seeking to be an international empire that is predominating the world wealth and holding all its political, economic, and security "keys", and through supporting Israel, has prevented Europe from playing its role that is open on the peoples' issues, especially our Muslim and Arab peoples. Besides, this Administration has destroyed and distorted the relationships between Europe and our people suggesting that that there is a conflict between us and them.

For that reason, it is necessary to establish an effective movement on the Arab and Islamic level as well as on the European Level to reach a real cooperation among our peoples and the European peoples in order to prevent the American Administration from confiscating and destroying these relationships or using them for serving the Israeli interest, and in order to prevent the US from continuing its destructive actions in our region and countries.

He continued: As Muslims, we believe in dialogue and openness upon other religions and cultures. We also understand from the Islamic and Quranic texts that our religion wants us to be friends with the world and work for revitalizing the coordination among the peoples for serving international peace. We have called before for an open dialogue among religions, movements, and the different political parties, and now we announce that we are ready for cooperating with the European Left in all its different parties for the sake of serving the European as well as the Arab issues and paving the way for a better understanding that would allow us to enhance international peace and the interests of all peoples.

His Eminence added that the crisis in Lebanon might be solved in as much as the American Administration stops interfering in the Lebanese internal affairs, sometimes through its delegates and sometimes through its ambassador to Lebanon who keeps on interfering in the details of the Lebanese issues in a bid for paralyzing the initiatives that might be taken by the Lebanese parties themselves or by some Arab and Islamic parties that are concerned not to drive the country into vacuum that could worsen the crisis and complicate the situation.