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Reception, Lebanese economic figures

Fadlullah received a delegation from the syndicate of gold and Sayyed Hasan Al-Nimr:
Confidence building represents the decisive element in economic systems and the establishment of nations

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation from the Syndicate of Gold and Jewelry Traders in Lebanon, headed by the President of the Syndicate Na'im Rizk who gave the following statement after the meeting:

We visited the Sayyed to congratulate him on the occasion of the Prophet's birthday, and we briefed him on the program of the syndicate and its future plans. We thanked him for his rational rhetoric, in which he always calls for abandoning fanaticism, and sectarian and confessional feelings.

During the meeting, the Sayyed affirmed that Lebanon is represented by its people, because the Lebanese Muslim and Christian people were able to embody the ideological and cultural value throughout the Lebanese movement worldwide. The value of Lebanon emerged from its role in promoting cultural aspects, and in enhancing a cultural and literal movement in the Arab world, with this movement representing a cultural bridge between the East and the West. He stressed the need to rebuild Lebanon on the basis of confidence, because this confidence is a decisive element in the economic systems, commercial relations, and the establishment of homelands.

His Eminence has also received Sayyed Hasan Al-Nimr, heading a delegation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The overall Islamic situation was discussed, where the Sayyed laid emphasis on the Islamic nation and the stability of the Arab and Islamic situation, so that we would stand altogether in the face of the nation's historical enemy, the Israeli entity.