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Fadlullah: We will not allow provoking ethnic sensitivities between the Arabs and their neighbors

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the Tunisian Ambassador to Lebanon, Samir Abdullah, and discussed the future of the Arab and Islamic relations in light of the recent developments, as well as the new US strategy in the region. Bilateral relations between Lebanon and Syria have also been discussed.

The Tunisian Ambassador said: I appreciate Sayyed Fadlullah's profound contributions in enriching the Lebanese domestic dialogue and endeavoring to ascend Lebanon above sectarian and confessional calculations.

He affirmed that Tunisia supports Lebanon's stability and unity, noting that we are always working for the unity of the Arab ranks, taking into account the Lebanese internal unity in the framework of our respect for the Lebanese political diversity.

On his part, Sayyed Fadlullah stressed the need to work on all levels to eliminate any obstacles in the Arab-Iranian relations, adding that these relations should be established on Islamic basis and mutual respect for the roles and responsibilities. He added that everyone should work for the interest of the nation and the Palestinian cause which has entered a critical complex period, particularly with the advent of the Israeli extremist right wing, even though they all are extremists when it comes to the Israeli entity.

The Sayyed stressed that we support inter-Arab consensus which we want to extend to the Islamic neighborhood, whether Iranian, Turkish, or others, because we have to deploy the inter-Arab reconciliations so as to serve the nation's causes, instead of employing these reconciliations to strain the Arab-Islamic relations, the price of which will be paid by Palestine, the Palestinian cause, and the people.

His Eminence emphasized that we will not allow any attempts to provoke sensitivities within the Islamic and Arab reality through racial and ethnic issues, after many have previously attempted to manipulate the sectarian issue. He also stressed that a frank dialogue between the Arabs themselves should be held, and between the Arabs and the neighboring Islamic countries, because the Arabs need to establish friendships with their neighbors. Everyone needs to formulate a new political mentality that rejects fanatic feelings and affirms hostility to Israel which is not only responsible for the usurpation of Palestine, but also for the divisions and turmoil in the Arab states.