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Sayyed Fadlullah received an American delegation of diplomats and University Professors

Fadlullah: we call for an international economic dialogue, and look forward for a US pre-emptive humanitarian initiative


The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received former diplomats, university professors, politicians and representatives of different churches.

His Eminence addressed the delegation saying:

In the beginning, I would like to welcome you with all my heart and mind, for although we differ with the outgoing Administration, we want to be friends of the American people.

The Holy Quran has taught us to turn those we differ with into friends. That is why I would like you to know that what is being said that we hate the United States it is not true. There is a big difference between our positions towards the Administration and towards the people.

We appreciate the American nation that offered great technological and scientific services to humanity, and benefited all human beings by their inventions and discoveries. Nonetheless, we believe that what the US needs has to do with the humanitarian approach of its successive administrations towards the nations or the world. They have abandoned the humanitarian principles of President Wilson. The US changed from a respected and accepted state, that was appreciated by our people in the twenties and thirties of the last century into an imperial state and an occupier that permits itself to occupy the others' territories and dominate over their wealth and decisions under the pretence of fighting terrorism.

Therefore, we believe that we have the right to ask the new administration to administer change on the external level, just as the Americans are asking it  for change on the internal level.     

The American foreign policy should seize to be one that is based on aggression that practices occupation and encourages it. The change should start from here, so that the nations would feel that there is a real change, especially that everybody talks about the American leadership of the world; a leadership that has fallen as a result of the policy of pre-emptive wars, and the new administration has become in dire need to pre-emptive political and humanitarian initiatives, instead of engaging in  new wars or supporting the occupation and aggression policies in occupied Palestine.

We believe in dialogue and understanding between nations. And we admit that we have several weak points in the East, but we also believe that the Americans have a lot of weak points too. And if you are talking about certain terrorist cases in our regions, we ask: Who produced them? We also believe that you have your own cases of terrorism, as in organized crime and individual crimes in which a son kills his parents or a student kills his teachers and mates… Just as social pressures lead to several crimes, political and military pressures would also lead to crime.

We really feel sorry for the financial and economic crises in the US. We do not like to glee at another's misfortune, and also believe that we will all pay the price of these crises which the Arab World has already been affected by. We also hope that the US will initiate a thorough study of the capitalist system, since any system that is not based on moral values is a time bomb that can explode at any moment. Therefore, we believe that this world that is engaged in political dialogues as well as dialogues between civilizations and religions should also initiate real and serious discussions on the economical issues. It should be an in-depth dialogue that studies the values that constitute the basis of the economic systems and not a superficial one that deals with each party's interest.

The Sayyed welcomed the change in America and the reasons that made a white majority elect a black (African-American) president. He pointed out that Islam does not differentiate between the members of all races except according to their piety.

He indicated that we will monitor the change in America. And if we find that it is a radical one that allows the nations to institute their own change, then we can say that it respects the slogan it raised. And we can tell her yes; we (our nations) can too.

The spokesman on behalf of the delegation pointed out that there is a real opportunity for the US to produce a moral base to establish peace in the world. The Sayyed welcomed this and said that we are ready to cooperate with the American people in this respect, for the good and peace of all humanity. We love life for ourselves and for other peoples and refuse all those who promote the culture of death in the world.

We say to the Americans: keep the devils away from your Administration. It needs not be run by angels, but perhaps semi angels. Then with our cooperation together we might save the world.