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The Islamic-Western dialogue, terrorism, arrogance, hostility towards Islam.

Sayyed Fadlullah received groups of Gulf, American, and European pilgrims at his residence in Holy Mecca

Fadlullah: chance is open for an Islamic-Western dialogue that is not restricted to official sides

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlullah, said that the free, loyal, educated, and human right groups in the world must seek to prosecute George Bush and the symbols of his administration, just as the latter prosecutes those accused of the September 11 attacks in Guantanamo. If these accused have killed thousands, Bush himself has murdered tens of thousands.

His Eminence said that chances are likely for an Islamic-Western dialogue especially since the economic, environmental, social, and security crises continue to overshadow the world. He called for removing this dialogue from its official and protocol framework and entrust it to specialized people in the West and the East, noting that no religion or ideology is exposed to defamation campaigns as Islam is. Thus, Islam has the right to defend itself.

His Eminence received groups of Iraqi, Kuwaiti, Omani, Saudi, and Pakistani pilgrims at his residence in Holy Mecca, alongside pilgrims coming from America, Europe, and the Scandinavian countries.

His Eminence addressed the pilgrims on the plans and projects carried out in the world to besiege Islam and hamper its expansion ideologically, culturally, and legislatively. He noted that restricting the immigration of many Arabs and Muslims to the West comes within the context of restricting the movement of Islam itself. We noticed how the Zionist officials warned against the spread of Islam in Europe and provoked the European fears of Islam in order to depict it as an enemy that must be fought."

The Sayyed said that deterring these attempts is carried out in two tracks. The first is by continuing the Islamic movement and cultural and media and political actions with legitimate and calm means that do not offend other sides. The second track is by uniting the efforts of the Muslim communities in the West, whether in terms of introducing Islam and revealing its tolerance and openness and acceptance of the other that differs religiously or politically, or in terms of explaining that Islam does not aim at controlling the others and undermining their economic structure or wiping out the cultures of the nations. Instead, Islam wants to introduce itself for the others and present its concepts as they are, aside from defamation campaigns.

 The Sayyed also said that no religion or ideology has been exposed to continuous attempts of defamation as Islam. Thus, it has the right to defend itself and respond by media and cultural and political means. He also called for initiating an Islamic-Western dialogue in a civilized manner aside from dissipating fears of Islamů

 His Eminence said: We believe that the recent developments that affected the entire world and its economy, environmental, and medical, and food security, in addition to the tensions and security assaults against peaceful communities in the East and West must pave the way for an Islamic-Western dialogue. Such a dialogue should be supervised by cultural and political groups and should not be restricted to the official sides so as not to be manipulated by political circles and thus become fruitful.

The Sayyed said that the recent developments in the world on the one hand and the developments of the domestic situation in the Arab and Islamic world on the other hand, opened the way to new opportunities that could allow key political circles in the West to engage in dialogue with the Islamic movements and parties, particularly the resistance and opposition movements that repudiate terrorism and violence.

He said: Our call to benefit from the new chances of dialogue, based on the major threats engulfing our region and mankind as a whole, does not mean that we overlook the oppressed people and pardon the murderers. Our people have the right to call for prosecuting the war criminals who destroyed the economic, political, and social structure in many regional countries, particularly the Zionist war criminals in Palestine who practice the ugliest crimes in front of the entire world that watches the tragedy, starvation, besiege, and murder of the Palestinians as if the world expects them to raise a white flag and succumb to the occupier and surrender to its conditions. The Palestinians will not succumb since they are able to withstand and thwart the schemes and projects of the enemy.

His Eminence added: The world is watching how those accused in the September 11 attacks are being prosecuted in Guantanamo, and how the Americans want to grant President George Bush a good behavior certificate. Regardless of the nature of these prosecutions, the free world should move now and in the future to prosecute George Bush himself because if the Guantanamo detainees are accused of killing thousands of people, Bush has murdered tens of thousands of our people and destroyed our economies. His policies and decisions entailed these catastrophic results plaguing the world these days.

Thus, since the powerful sides are prosecuting those who face their projects, the aware and educated groups in the world and human right sides should endeavor to prosecute the tyrants of the world and those who wreaked havoc and perpetrated murders, namely George Bush and the symbols of his administration.

 His Eminence also received Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari and discussed the situation in Iraq, its horizons, and a number of Arab and Islamic affairs."