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Gaza's war, Palestine, receiving Palestinian figures

Fadlullah calls for correcting the imbalance in the region through cooperation between the three poles: Iran, Turkey, and Egypt

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation from the Palestinian Scholars [Ulamah] Association headed by Sheikh Dawood Mustapha, the chairman of the Association, and discussed the situation in Palestine in light of the ongoing carnages perpetrated by Israel in the Gaza Strip, in addition to the responsibility that should be shouldered by the nation's scholars both Sunnis and Shiites towards the Palestinian people and the measures to be taken to prevent this enemy from continuing its brutal crimes, in view of an international silence and Arab official treason.

Sayyed Fadlullah lauded the jihadist cohesion in Gaza, namely between Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, noting that the Palestinian political and jihadist unity is a key factor in the equation of the victory against the enemy and its rising barbarism.

His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah, also said that some Arabs who use the Palestinian division as a pretext to distance themselves from the consequences of the situation in Gaza, are the reason behind this division, since they nurtured this division by various means, and strived to find a ground for this division inside Palestine. They wanted this division to be another blockade besieging the Palestinian people alongside the embargo imposed by the enemy on Gaza prior to the recent offensive.

He said: "We were and are still looking forward to an active Arab role in the Palestinian issue, at the level of the entire region. But many Arab rulers washed their hands of such a role and sought to play another role sketched by the US secretary of state, through frequent meetings with them and through the Arab moderate front that was destined to establish a project that looks like a settlement that purely blends with the American vision.

He added: "The leaders of the enemy in the past, at the top of whom is Ben-Gurion, looked forward to having certain Islamic countries namely Turkey and Iran play an opposite role by besieging the Arab moderate countries for the service of the Israeli project. But we notice that these countries interact most with the situation in Gaza, and support the Palestinian people, and face the barbaric Israeli offensive. However, we see that certain Arab countries are about to adopt the Israeli approach and blame Gaza and its people and the resistance factions [for the war]. These countries must have played an extensive role, through weaving African and Arab and Islamic alliances to trouble the Israeli occupation, which has nuclear canines and expansionist desires.

Fadlullah also said that this offensive goes beyond the geographical sphere of Gaza, as it comes in the context of a programmed attack plotted in advance to beat up the entire Arab and Islamic liberation movement and to draw a new political roadmap for the nation under a transitional period in which Israel is given a broader margin for its aggressive and brutal movement. We believe that the Israeli tanks were supposed to pave the way for a political invasion that would eliminate the obstacles in front of an "imprudent" settlement plotted by high-ranking levels to liquidate the Palestinian cause. However, the resistance's heroic confrontation in Gaza will eliminate the obstacles that had prevented finishing off the Israeli and American project.

Fadlullah said: it is possible to correct the military and political imbalance that exists in the region - which the enemy manipulates to threaten the Arabs at the military and security levels through an Islamic cooperation between three key poles in the region: Iran, Turkey and Egypt. He stressed the need to act upon this strategy, even though too late, especially since the united Europe had renounced Islamic Turkey, and America had renounced Egypt and its leading role in the Arab and Islamic world and Africa, while Iran expressed readiness to cooperate with Egypt and Turkey for the interests of these countries and the Arabs and Muslims in general.

The Sayyed commented on what happened in the Security Council, noting that the United States abstained from voting in order to flatter the Arabs and save them further embarrassment, thus paving the way for another position that serves the Israeli interest more clearly.

He pointed out that recently, we have been hearing continued talk in the Arab arena about the Palestinian divisions, while no one is speaking about the Arab divisions and the need to restore cohesion to the Arab ranks in one of the most dangerous and difficult periods.

He stated that the West regards Israel as part of the western security and cultural system, thus it turned into a Jewish site under the complete control of Israel through its engagement in details of the western political and media life aspects. This is what we saw through the July aggression in 2006 and the ongoing Israeli massacres perpetrated in Gaza on a daily basis."