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Fadlullah: "The value of the human being lies in his freedom and rejection of the submission of mind

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a student delegation from the faculties of engineering, science, and medicine at the American University of Beirut. The students raised a number of questions corresponding to educational, scientific, political, and religious aspects.

His Eminence addressed the delegation saying that the value of the human being lies in his freedom of thought, and refusal to subjugate his minds to others even though they enjoy high-ranking scientific, political, or social positions.

He stressed the need to open up to others, listening and discussing their opinions and methodologies, because an exposure to other ideologies and thoughts is a sign of respect and tolerance. However, subjugating to others' thoughts regardless of one's personal convictions is a sign of enslavement, ignorance, immobility, and backwardness. The Sayyed also called on the students to be open to the latest scientific and ideological developments, rather than restricting themselves to the experiences of the past. He also said that the nation must be productive, especially since other nations have headed us after we became dependent on their production and succumbed to what they market. Other nations have thus confiscated our capacities, so the biggest challenge is the scientific challenge. If we are not ambitious to innovate and come up with our own production, we will not survive amidst other nations who are running head to head towards a better future.

Our main problem in the Arab and Islamic world does not only lie in our poor ambitions, but because we seek to silence and kill ambitious figures. Therefore, we need a new determined and risk-taking nation to bring about scientific innovation, more so now that the nation embraces optimistic people who reject despair and are ready to sacrifice their souls at various levels.