Home Archive Meetings and Communications Fadlullah received Britain's Ambassador to Lebanon, 11-3-2008 A.D., 3 Rabi'I 1429 H.

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Fadlullah Received Britain's Ambassador to Lebanon:
Europe should take decisive stands against Israeli crimes


The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received Britain's Ambassador to Lebanon, Frances Mary Gay, and discussed with her the general situation in Lebanon and the region.

Ambassador Gay said that the window of opportunity to elect a consensual Lebanese President is still open. She emphasized the need of the Lebanese to think about their future and the future of their county instead of associating themselves with others.

On his part, Sayyed Fadlullah emphasized that the Lebanese problem is not in the final analysis an internal one, despite the fact that there are several issues the Lebanese differ about.

This is because the external pressures prevent any solution, since they get tougher, the more there seems to be a hope to reach a solution.

The Sayyed added that: In this respect, we have to keep an eye on the American constant interference in the Lebanese internal affairs. The Americans  invite only one specific Lebanese party to visit their country and do not establish any relations with the other, which suggests an additional proof that they stand with one party against the other, and widen the rift that separates the Lebanese.

H.E. emphasized that we do not agree with those who want Lebanon closed before the world. We want it an open front for cultural and civilized dialogue. But not one that is open on the external struggles and conflicts.

We are with true friendships among states, but we refuse dictates that lead to clashes. Thus, we believe that Lebanon does not need the deployment of American gunship near its territorial waters.

It needs internal reconciliation which will not take place unless the foreign interference stops.

Perhaps Lebanon's curse lies in that the freedom it lives has no restrictions, opening the way for external powers to exploit the weakness of the sectarian regimes to "invade" the Lebanese front, as well allowing the internal parties to be linked with the external forces, neglecting the Lebanese national interests. We are not against this freedom, which we should fight to keep. We are only calling for rationalizing it.

Therefore, we should adopt a two-fold course of action: assigning limits to this freedom and founding a state based on citizenry to end the sectarian regime and its conflicts.

The Sayyed said that those who talk about an Iranian or Arabs intervention in Iraq forget the American intervention in this country that has reached the level of occupation. It also has interfered in the entire region, which it considered as its backyard, with no one asking why those armies and fleets are sent to the region.

On the Palestinian issue, The Sayyed stressed on the rights of the Palestinians to defend themselves and liberate their land. He emphasized that the occupation is the highest and most dangerous form of violence and crime.

He asked the EU to take a decisive stand against the Israeli crimes, in support of the humanitarian cause not the narrow interests, He also called on the EU countries  not to become  a mere echo of the American stands.

On the Iranian nuclear issue, The Sayyed emphasized that the highest religious Authority in Iran has deemed the production of the nuclear weapon to be impermissible.

Therefore, the International Community ought no longer yield to the Israeli policies of extortion and intimidation, since the claim that Iran is a threat to the world is not more than a silly political joke.