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Reception of a delegation of the contracting teachers at the Lebanese University

Fadlullah called for adopting competence as a means of employing and for not neglecting the Lebanese University

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation of the contracting teachers at the Lebanese University. The teachers briefed the Sayyed on their sufferings for not being registered as a full-time staff, by means of discretionary procedures that prevented them from acquiring/earning their rights. They also demanded for their calls to be heard and not to make the issue of being registered as a full-time staff a victim of political affinities, pointing out to the promises of the Minister of Education in this respect.

His Eminence warned from the negligence inflicting the Lebanese University and its effect on the University's current course and on the coming generations, especially that it is, generally, the University of the poor and the deprived classes.

He pointed out that the problem of employment lies in the fact that Lebanon is still a hostage of the political calculations and the policy of the division of shares that the sectarian regime has produced, and that the political conduct did not work on enhancing this situation, but rather they have complicated it more. As a result, competences retreated and patronage progressed.

His Eminence called for releasing the country from this jail, which is meant to kill the competent people and suffocate those who have potentials, emphasizing on the necessity that those who have firm control on the various Lebanese Administrations to put their hands off them and give the people their rights… He also called to punish whoever defaults from that, whether by the parliamentary elections or quitting from applauding to them and deeming them as sacred figures that can not be criticized or condemned.

In addition, his Eminence received the artist, Michel Sakr, accompanied by the candidate to the Shiite seat in Jbeil, Dr. Diab Kinaan. He also received the Director General of the Iraqi Ministry of Health, Dr. 'Amer Al-Khuzai'i and they went through the latest developments in Iraq and the region.