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The Iraqi people are capable of unifying their ranks and building their future

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the Iraqi Ambassador to Lebanon Omar Barzingi, accompanied by Al-Manhal As-Safi and Hashim Bahr Al-Ulum of the Embassy's staff. The meeting focused on the Arab and Muslim situation, as well as the developments in the internal Iraqi front.

H.E. emphasized that the Iraqi people have not been, throughout the previous stages, either confessional or sectarian, adding that the Iraqis possess the potentials, the free will, and the political awareness that enable them to continue their effort to force the enemy to withdraw.

The Sayyed also stressed on the need of all Iraqi parties to strive for internal unity and prepare for building the new Iraq on a firm independent basis. He called for making the coming elections a point of departure to move to unification and internal construction away from confessionalism and partisanship…