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Islamic unity, resistance in Gaza, receiving Lebanese social political figures

Fadlullah received a delegation from the board of trustees of Beirut's Union:
"Gaza showed the Jewish usurpers that their presence is transient and that they will only reap worry

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation from the board of trustees of Beirut's Union, headed by Former MP Adnan Araqji. The delegation congratulated the Sayyed on his safe return from Mecca and discussed the current Arab and Islamic situation, namely the events in Gaza and the nation's responsibility in this regard.

Former MP Adnan Araqji said: We came here to be guided by Sayyed Fadlullah regarding the Muslims' situation in this country. His Eminence is a safety valve for the Islamic and national unity. We also listened to his views on the events taking place in the region, namely in Gaza, and the heroic actions and steadfastness manifested by the Mujahidin. Sayyed Fadlullah said the resistance will turn victorious and this will be the beginning of the countdown of the usurping state.

His Eminence, the Sayyed, said it is very important that the Arab and Islamic peoples continue to interact with the resistance, noting that the peoples of Gaza with their feelings and sentiments and absolute faith in Allah and their patience on the calamity afflicting them represent a model in the Arab and Islamic and free world.

He added: "Despite the atrocity and bitterness of this "mobile" tragedy in Gaza, it points to the unifying figure Gaza has created in the nation, through which it abolished the deadly confessional and sectarian conflicts. On the other hand, what is going on in Gaza is a proof to the Jewish usurpers that they will not settle in this region because they are the newcomers and occupiers and usurpers who will only reap disappointment and ever-lasting worry in our region.

His Eminence stressed that the Shiites and the Sunnis are one family in this Muslim world, which appeared clear in their public rally behind the resistance and its honorable project in the nation, aside from any sectarian or confessional titles. Also  it appeared through their rejection of the opposite project that rests on surrender and capitulation. The Sayyed also noted that the nation is divided between two projects, not two confessions as the enemies had plotted. The nature of this division serves our major cause and exposes the traitorous sides, regardless of the political slogans they hide behind.