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Islamic heritage scientific institutions receiving Iranian personalities

Sayyed Fadlullah received an Iranian delegation:
We need cultural and scientific readiness alongside our political and jihadist readiness

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation from secretariat general of the First and Second Martyrs Conference in Iran. The delegation included a number of religious scholars(ulama) and researchers from the Islamic Republic of Iran headed by Sheikh Ahmad Mubaligi, the head of the executive and scientific committee of the Conference, accompanied by the Iranian Cultural Attaché Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Zadah. The meeting addressed a number of cultural and ideological issues, and the efforts extended by the Islamic Republic of Iran to honor the ulama who enriched the Islamic library with their researches and books, namely the ulama of Jabal Amel.

Sayyed Fadlullah lauded the efforts made by the Islamic Republic of Iran to revive the Islamic heritage and promote the thought of the leading ulama of the nation, namely those who have left hallmarks on the Islamic scientific march and strengthened the Islamic national movement through their leading jurisprudence and scientific researches.

His Eminence, the Sayyed, said that in parallel to that, other efforts must be extended to correct and verify the authenticity of the narrations, and attribute them to their original sources, through committees that should study the Islamic heritage and literature with a contemporary mentality that rests on modern scientific analytical methods and new approaches in analyzing the texts and investigating their historical dimensions and environment.

The Sayyed also said that the involvement of the scientific and cultural institutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran in the cultural and scientific battle – while at the same time continuing their political and media battle against the arrogant superpowers and supporting the resistance and liberation movements – represents an Islamic cultural and scientific message from which all Islamic movements must benefit, in order to strengthen the cultural movement alongside their efforts on various jihadist and political levels.

His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah, stressed that the battle with the nation's enemies is a scientific and cultural battle in principle, emphasizing the need to support the scientific sides with specialized research centers, not to mention the military support among others, since we must be in full readiness in the cultural and scientific fields, more so now as the battle is open to all developments and with various opposing axes.