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Sayyed Fadlullah received the Norwegian Ambassador to Lebanon

Sayyed Fadlullah called for establishing a universal alliance to confront economic terrorism

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received Aud Lise Norhim, the Norwegian Ambassador to Lebanon, and discussed with her the general situation in Lebanon and the region. The meeting also touched on the universal economic crisis in addition to the Lebanese-Norwegian relationships.

The Ambassador conveyed to His Eminence her government appreciation of his stands that call for holding an open dialogue in solving the various issues as in the case when the drawings that offend the Prophet Muhammad (p.) appeared in the Scandinavian countries. She also indicated that her government considers what His Eminence suggested regarding the necessity of holding a dialogue and rejecting violence in the relationships among peoples, as an important matter that is highly appreciated.

The Ambassador also praises the Sayyed's stands with respect to defending the woman and refusing violence against her.

On his part, Sayyed Fadlullah stressed that the various problems in the world require from all countries, especially the countries of the European Union (EU) to communicate with all other parties in the world. He also indicated that the EU countries, through its proper channels, should engage in a dialogue with the Islamic movements, especially in the Palestinian field. He also stressed that such movements should not be regarded as violent organizations, but rather as political and legitimate resistant movements that confront occupation.

H.E. highlighted that the big mistake the EU had committed is that it has been subjected, through the NATO, especially after the fall of the Soviet Union, to America. Besides, this fact has caused more destruction, tragedies and wars in the entire world because the American Administration, the Administration of George W. Bush in particular, has legalized occupation and broke up the relationships between the countries and the peoples, under the title of "fighting terrorism" and through propagating the preempted wars.

The Sayyed also underlined that the world has become one village and any problem in any part of the world might affect other parts. "And we have seen how the recent economic crisis that was generated in America, has affected other big economies, especially in Europe and Japan." The Sayyed also expected that the American economic hegemony over the entire world will fall, and called upon all parties in the world to protect the universal economy and save people from the imminent dangers that are caused by corruption and by the policies of economic plunder.

The Sayyed also suggested establishing a universal alliance to confront economic terrorism on the basis of founding a universal economic system that rejects the policy of the economic brutality and confiscating the peoples' wealthes, in addition to working on spreading justice in the economic fields that ought to affect positively the political, social and other files. H.E. also indicated that in Islam, there are several rulings concerning the economic issues and such rulings might help people in solving their current crisis as well as their future ones.