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Sayyed Fadlullah received the UN special coordinator in Lebanon

Sayyed Fadlullah: How could the war criminal, Perez be invited to the interfaith conference


The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received Michael Williams, the UN special coordinator in Lebanon, and discussed with him several issues including the task of the UNIFIL forces in Lebanon in the light of the continuous Israeli violation of UN Resolution 1701, and the role of the UN in general and the future of this role and the reservations that the Muslim world has against it, and last but not least its future, in the light of the global economic, political and financial stages.

In this respect, the Sayyed observed that the international organization has succumbed in the past few decades to the demands of the American administration, preventing the condemnation of Israel in the first Qana Massacre, and punishing the  former Organization's Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, for condemning the massacres by not renewing his tenure. The Security Council has also prevented any condemnation of Israeli massacres in Palestine and the barbaric siege of Gaza. In addition, the UN is unable to do anything to stop the Israeli daily violence of Lebanese sovereignty in air and on land.

H.E. touched on the Interfaith Conference, and expressed his concern that the UN has turned into a party that confronts the nations, having invited the war criminal,  Shimon Perez, and having adopted an agenda similar  to that of certain regimes and governments in that it does not care about the will of nations and does not hold Israel accountable for its continuous refusal to implement the various resolutions regarding its withdrawal from the occupied lands, dismantling settlements and the separating wall, as well as judaizing Jerusalem and displacing its citizens.

The Sayyed asked about how could the UN invite a war criminal such as Shimon Perez to address the Conference at a time the International Crime Court wants to try the Sudanese President for the alleged crimes in Darfor. He pointed out that ignoring the Israeli war crimes in Lebanon and Palestine represents a reward for the criminal and a continuous targeting of the victim.

On the Lebanese issue, H.E. emphasized that Lebanon is still a stage for international intelligence agencies and international and regional interference.

He pointed out that several problems in Lebanon have to do in a direct manner with the Palestinian problem, the mother of all problems in the region. He asserted that any solution that will be at the expense of the Palestinian rights will enter the region once again in bloody and continuous struggles.

The Sayyed also asked about the reasons for refusing to arm the Lebanese army with the weapons that enable it to defend the country.