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Sayyed Fadlullah received the Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon

H.E.: Some of the official Arab rhetoric against Iran is similar to that of Israel

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received Iran Ambassador to Lebanon, Rida Shibani, and discussed with him the general situation in Lebanon and the region, the Iranian -Lebanese relations and the developments in Iraq, especially those regarding the security agreement with the occupation power.

H.E. expressed his fear from the official Arab policies which continue to follow the American dictates, thus getting closer to Israel and further away from the Iranian positions that support the resistance movements in Palestine. He pointed out that the campaign against Iran, in which some of the Arab rhetoric is getting closer to the Israeli one, is part of a plan to reactivate the moderate front that executes the American plans of confronting the Resistance front which refuses to compromise the right of our peoples, especially the Palestinians.

H.E. saw that it is regretful that the official Arab scene not only has stopped producing the will of confrontation and resistance, but it also misunderstands and misinterprets the general political global and regional situation and does not study it in a realistic manner, taking into consideration the changes on the international level following the financial crisis, and the failure of the American project in the region.

He added that things will become clearer to the people as the official Arab openness on Israel and yielding to its humiliating demands continues to unfold.