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Receiving the French Charge d'Affaires,
Fadlullah: There is no political will to reach realistic solutions

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received the French Charge d'Affaries in Lebanon, Andre Parant, and discussed with him the general situation in Lebanon and the region.

The meeting also focused on the French-Arab relations in addition to the French-American relations and its impact on Lebanon and the region.

Parant stressed that France had tried in the past to play the role of the "active" mediator to solve the Lebanese crisis and it has encountered many obstacles but it will continue its attempts to bring the Lebanese together. It has also tried to help the Arab League initiative to find a real solution for the Lebanese crisis.

His Eminence stressed that the Lebanese-French relations should remain strong and that we want the French relations with the Arabs and Muslims to be developed. But at the same time we want France's movement in the region to be balanced and show the difference between what it wants and what the current American Administration aspires for. That is because there was a general impression among the Arabs that the US administration is taking hold of the Security Council, preventing it from issuing resolutions that denounce the Israeli massacres in Occupied Palestine. The US is also pressurizing the Security Council towards issuing further sanctions against Iran. But France and Britain are not playing any role contradicting the US; they are following its lead.

His Eminence voiced concern that the US Administration's policy might lead to bigger complications in the regionů He emphasized that the France's interests consist of maintaining a close relationship with the Arab and Islamic world, especially that the goals of the American Administration in besieging Iran differ from that of some European countries.

Fadlullah indicated that the Lebanese crisis has reached these complications due to some reasons that are related to the international political movement regarding some regional files. He also highlighted the absence of a political will to reach realistic solutions, especially that there is a trust crisis that has led many political parties in Lebanon to engage in the political issue as if they are playing a game of football in which the player kicks the ball to score goals against the other player, without taking into consideration that the country is the only loser in this game; not this party or that.