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Fadlullah: called on Ban Ki-moon to take a firm decision over Israel's deportation of Palestinians

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, called on the United Nations to take a firm stand over Israel's deportation of the Palestinians, that is if it is still interested in playing its role of keeping the world's peace and security. The Sayyed pointed out that the enemy's entity represents the most barbaric version of occupation and the major threat to world peace.

 His Eminence received the UN special coordinator for Lebanon, Michael Williams, and discussed with him the latest domestic and regional developments.

During the meeting, Mr. Williams thanked Sayyed Fadlallah for his wise stands, especially his last statement that condemned the terrorist explosions in Moscow.

Sayyed Fadlullah welcomed the UN coordinator and conveyed to him that the majority of Arab and Muslims admonish the performance of the United Nations, especially with respect to the Palestinian cause and people.

His Eminence pointed out that the UN does not talk explicitly about the Israeli occupation to the Palestinian lands, and does not point to the Israeli violation of international resolutions.

He added that when the UN Secretary General talks about Zionist settlements, he resorts to request and calls for freezing settlement actions instead of putting an end to it and to the occupation in general.

His Eminence emphasized that the Zionist entity represents a major threat to global security and an imminent danger to the entire region, since it possesses 30 nuclear warheads, and refuses to observe international resolutions or the sign nuclear non-proliferation treaty, while persecuting the states that have signed it, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 Sayyed Fadlullah called on the UN Secretary General to take a firm stand over the Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing that is represented in the deportation of the Palestinians even from the West Bank. He added that if the UN is concerned about international peace and security, it has to play its role in refusing occupation and oppression, especially in Occupied Palestine, where the Israeli occupation represents the most barbaric occupation in history.