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Sayyed Fadlullah received Former MP, Emile Emile Lahoud

Sayyed Fadlullah: The American Administration is still intervening in the details of the Lebanese political affairs

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received Former MP, Emile Lahoud, who conveyed to His Eminence his father's regards. The meeting touched on the recent developments in Lebanon and the region.  

H.E. saw that it is necessary to observe the developments in Lebanon through the general atmospheres in the region, indicating that the American Administration, whose project has become weak and deteriorated, is still intervening in many regional affairs and playing its negative role in distorting any productive movement in the Arab-Arab relations.  

The Sayyed also indicated that the American Administration is still intervening in the details of the Lebanese political affairs and that it has always sought to keep its representatives both inside the internal Lebanese official movement and outside it, although it is no longer acting in a high-profile manner.     

He also stressed that the problem in Lebanon has always been that the political elite that works for the sake of the country's interests, is an isolated one, while others are playing roles that do not agree with the country's interests, although they are responsible for the big tragedy that had continuously hit Lebanon. That is because the leaders' maintenance of their role has to do with complicated calculations in which several foreign parties are part of.

His Eminence emphasized that the current crisis could not be solved only through constituting a government, but rather through the mentality that all parties must have in order to find an internal solution through a national administration that takes into consideration the country's interests. But the problem is that the personal and private interests have priority over any other interests in most calculations.

Following the meeting, Former MP Emile Lahoud said:

I had the honour to meet His Eminence and I conveyed to him the regards of President Emile Lahoud. I listened to his opinion and benefited from his big experience, since the Sayyed enjoys a distinguished position on the national level. I also praised his efforts on all levels, hoping that he would always be in good health, and emphasizing to him the necessity to communicate together.