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The Sayyed received a delegation from the National Popular Conference for Jerusalem
Fadlullah: The official Arab world is dead

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation from the National and Popular Conference for Jerusalem, headed by its Secretary General, Othman Abu Ghariba, the Chairman of the Fund, Muhammad Nasbiya, the Secretary Abed al-Latif Gayth, and the General Director Youssef al-Hammoudi.

The meeting addressed the general Palestinian situation and Jerusalem, laying emphasis to the attempts aimed at "Judaizing" the city, and the responsibilities of the Arabs and Muslims and Christians in this regard, particularly under these difficult circumstances and tragedies plaguing the Jerusalemites as a result of the occupation's pressures and ongoing measures to displace the Arabs from Jerusalem and establish a different reality.

Sayyed Fadlullah said that what is happening in Jerusalem is no less dangerous than the offensive in Gaza. Even though the enemy attempts to remove Gaza from the equation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as it had repeatedly wished Gaza would be swallowed up by the sea, it regards Jerusalem as a site it seeks to control in full, and through which Israel tries to dominate Palestine, with its religious and political and historical dimensions.

His Eminence, the Sayyed, stressed that we must do everything within our reach to defend Jerusalem, Christians and Muslims altogether and hand in hand, namely because the humanitarian and social ties between the Muslims and the Christians in Jerusalem are so strong. As such, the enemy will fail to weaken these ties or divide the Palestinian peoples in Jerusalem.

The Sayyed also lauded the voices inside Jerusalem and Palestine - that spoke out against Judaization and the settlements, and who insisted to continue their efforts to achieve the demands of the Palestinian people, be they Christians or Muslims. He called on the people in Western countries, particularly the European Union countries, to carry out certain measures in order to stress the Arab and Islamic identity of Jerusalem, in the face of the ongoing Israeli attempts to falsify history and change the field status-quo.

He also said that the Zionist aggression on Gaza has revealed the official Arab reality which does not respect the minimum level of the human values, nor does it mirror the Arab traits. As a matter of fact, this official Arab reality has collapsed at the political level. This was clearly manifested in the Arab political movement which sought to hinder any Arab meeting on Gaza, to the extent that the Arab summit has become a controversial issue, as if we are playing an irresponsible and immature game. But the real image of the Arab reality was soon exposed; the Arab leaders do not represent the nation, nor do they enjoy any of its characteristics. As such, the Arab world has died at this level and the dead official Arab reality is distend to influence the Palestinian cause, to kill its remaining living elements, and to hamper its renaissance project.

His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah, also said that nation's image remains bright thanks to the historical and legendary steadfastness of the Palestinian people. This steadfastness is a lively pattern and a great school that managed to preserve the Palestinian cause and keep Israel in an ever-lasting disturbance, regardless of its attempts to display that it has regained its deterrent power, or intimidate the Arab spirits, after it was crushed by the resistance in Lebanon and uncovered by the wonderful heroic resistance in Gaza.