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Reception, Lebanese diplomatic political figures, Lebanese parliamentary elections 2009

The recepetion of the Lebanese Foreign Minister, Fawzi Saloukh

Fadlullah: The electoral smoke should conceal the imminent Israeli threat 

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the Lebanese Foreign Minister, Fawzi Salloukh, and discussed with him the recent developments in Lebanon and the region.

His Eminence emphasized that the Lebanese electoral smoke should not blind the Lebanese from seeing the political and security scene in the region, and the Israeli preparations that are accompanied with war threats. He pointed out that the Israeli ambitions in Lebanon and the aggressions against it, as well as the true intentions towards it, indicate that the enemy feels that it can hurt and defeat, and inflict huge losses in Lebanon. Therefore, embracing the resistance, enhancing internal unity and protecting all Lebanese political and military points of strength could represent a meaningful message to the enemy, calling on it to stop its violations and aggressions, especially when it sees a relaxed Arab world that seeks to befriend the enemy, whether directly or indirectly... and by means of raising some purposely invented files, at a time it continues its rocket experiments and tries to overcome its points of weakness to initiate a new war and a new aggression against more than one Arab or Muslim country.     

The Sayyed emphasized that the electoral coma and the escalating electoral debate should not blind the officials and the politicians from seeing the Israeli imminent danger that will not find a more fertile land than the one filled with anxiety and the one whose affairs are run in an emotional and haphazard way that allows those who tamper with its security to violate civil peace and even aggress the Lebanese Army, which is a very dangerous development that requires swift reaction to deal with the matter on all levels


The Sayyed also received MP Ismail Sukkariyah and discussed with him the general situation on certain social and health topics.

He also received former MP Hussein Yatim and discussed with him some current affairs.