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Reception of a delegation of the students of the Arab Institute

Fadlullah: The politicians want Lebanon to be a country with no religion, so that sectarianism flares

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the delegation of the students of the Arab Institute who briefed the Sayyed on their educational concerns and expressed their fears from the escalation of sectarian division, as a result of the electoral tensions. The Sayyed pointed out that the problem of Lebanon lies in that several politicians want the country to be one of no religion, whereby sectarianism can flare and the calm dialogue that leads to civil and social peace would fall.

His Eminence said that abandoning the education that promotes awareness and tolerance and focusing on raising the negative points, which all political parties have resorted to, made the country and the successive generations pay the price. It has led a large number of people to adhere to the black and fanatic sectarianism whose only culture is cursing and that is not accepted by any religion or adopted by anyone who respects his thoughts and beliefs.

Sayyed Fadlullah called for the respect of the Lebanese pluralism in the religious and ideological domains that ought to be demonstrated in cultural and intellectual fields, but not in a tribal and fanatical manner. The Sayyed explained that the Christian and Islamic values represent the same ethical and humanitarian system that could establish a cohesive and tolerant country when it is respected in the practice and conduct of the Lebanese.