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Fadlullah: The promoters of myth and exaggeration should be confronted by means of successive shocks  

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation of the "Association of Jabal 'Amel 'Ulama", headed by Sheikh Youssef Da'moush and discussed with them the general developments in Lebanon and the region, the means of supporting the line of Islamic unity and protecting Islam from the successive waves of Takfir, as well as from the promoters of myth and those who incite sectarian strife, and the role of the religious scholars in all of that.

Following the meeting, Sheikh Youssef Da'moush stated: From time to time we visit His Eminence to listen to his opinions and instructions. We have visited him in this stage where the attempts to incite strife on the political and media levels intensify. He added that everybody in the Arab and Muslim world knows that the Resistance in Lebanon does not have any agenda to interfere in the affairs of any Arab regime. Its only concern is to support the Palestinian people. He called for stopping playing the game of inciting strife, because the Arab peoples have become aware of these schemes. He also stressed that the Islamic unity is an undisputable constant option. He ended by condemning the latest aggression on the Lebanese army and called for punishing the perpetrators.

On his part, Sayyed Fadlullah emphasized the need for the religious scholars to confront the negative aspects in the Islamic reality, as well as many practices which a lot of people consider as an integral part of Islam or Shiism. In fact, the origin of these practices is social habits and traditions that have no relation to Islam and even contradicts with it.

His Eminence called on the religious scholars to focus on promoting the authentic Islam and confronting the internal distortion that some have grown to consider as irrefutable constants. He pointed out that the success in confronting exaggeration and myth lays the foundation for confronting the external distortion continuous offensive that targets both, the religion of Islam and the Islamic sects. He called on the religious scholars not to back off, as a result of pressures that they will confront when they face the Takfiri and deviated ideas. The Islamic reality needs successive shocks to confront all those who pose a big danger on Islam, its Sunni and Shiite sects, and the entire Islamic reality.