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Fadlullah received a delegation from the people's committee in Nahr al-Barid

The Sayyed called for distancing the compensations for the victims of Nahr al-Barid from the Lebanese political and electoral calculations


His Eminence, The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the people's committee of Nahr al-Barid refugee Camp, who briefed the Sayyed on their suffering, and said that they are passing through the bitterest and harshest life conditions, due to the repercussions of a criminal war. But the sad thing is that the people of Nahr al-Barid are not dealt with as war victims, but rather as criminals. The delegation asked his Eminence to mediate with the concerned officials to cancel the resolution that classifies the camp as a military zone, and to lift off the oppression of the families and stop considering the Palestinians in Lebanon as enemies.

His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah, stressed the need to follow up on this dossier, calling on the Lebanese state to treat the Palestinians justly, and respect their civil rights, particularly the people of Nahr al-Barid, in terms of facilitating the launching of the reconstruction process of the camp and its schools. He also emphasized that the issue of compensations for the victims should be distanced from Lebanese political and electoral calculations.

The Sayyed has also received Brigadier General Dr. Muhammad Atwi, a candidate for one of the Shiite seats in Bint-Jbeil district. He also received Dr. Rabah Abi Haydar, a candidate for the Shiite seat in Jbeil.