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Sayyed Fadlullah received the Head of the Muslim Imams' Council in Ivory Coast

Sayyed Fadlullah:
The Entire World Is Preoccupied with Islam 

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received the Head of the Muslim Imams' Council in Ivory Coast, Abu Bakr Foufana, accompanied by Sheik Abdulminim Kubasisi, the Head of foreign relations in Muslim Uluma Gathering, Sheik Mahir Muzanar, and the representative of Sayyed Fadlullah in Abidjan, Sheik Munier Fadil. The meeting touched on the situation and developments in the Muslim world. It also discussed the tasks of the current stage whether concerning the Muslims' duties to present the true image of Islam and defend it in the face of the distortion campaigns or preserving the unity of Muslims internally.

Fofaneh pointed out to the various Islamic action experiments in Africa, and underlined the effects of the differences of Muslims on their internal unity and cohesion, as well as their intellectual and ideological problems. He stressed the need for an institutional carefully studied action that takes into consideration the circumstances in which the call works in, and the socio-political factors.

Sayyed Fadlullah expressed his fear from the American strategy towards Africa that seeks to put its hand on the entire continent especially that it is a continent whose national resources are not yet exploited.

H.E. talked about the Islamic presence in Ivory Coast, and emphasized the need to preserve it by means of encouraging worship and acting on the ground by means of wisdom and good preaching, adding that entering in struggles of leadership in Africa should be avoided, as well taking part in the internal struggles in a way that could make the Islamic immigrants one of the factors of turmoil in the eyes of others.

He considered Islamic Unity not just a demand or a wish, but a question of life and death that is the base of Muslim presence and continuity. Therefore, preserving it is preserving one of the salient sacred issues of Muslims and the fundamental foundation that guarantees their strength and their holding fast to their faith.

The Sayyed said that the one of the means to maintain Muslim unity is to insist on following up the major Islamic issues in the world, as well as not to indulge in a negative way in causes that might have a negative effect on the Islamic body as a whole.

It also includes the agreement that no party would wrong the Prophet's companions, the Members of the Household and the mothers of believers, as well as practicing objective and scientific criticism without any cursing especially when dealing with historical issues. All Muslims should consider all what the various Muslim sects have produced in the field of thought, jurisprudence and the like as one Islamic heritage that enriches all sects and is considered as an Islamic legacy which everybody needs.

The Sayyed noted that the attempts to pressurize the Muslim presence in the countries the Muslim immigrated to are accompanied by political, cultural and informational campaign to distort the image of Islam in the world. He pointed out that the delinquency of Muslims and carrying out their duties towards Islam and their cause is sometimes greater than the pressures and campaigns of the arrogant powers. He called for facing this with internal unity and making all efforts to confront the cultural and political campaigns by all possible and legitimate means.

H.E. saw that despite all the threats that endanger Islam and the world war against it that are waged by Western political and cultural parties, Islam has entered every house and occupied every mind and come to be discussed even by those who deny its historical movement cultural concepts and scientific basis.

It has become the central issue in the world. Thus, we have to take the Muslims out of the domain of reaction to become active so that Islam will become strong objective scientific and tolerant; a religion that hearts love and minds need.