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Dialogue, Resistance Arms, America's relations with the Muslims and the Arabs, religious freedom, Israeli aggressions, Palestine.

Fadlullah to an American delegation: We would like to use the weapon of love, but what should we do with those who want to kill us?

Sayyed Fadlullah received a delegation of 20 priests, businesspersons and university professors.


The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation of 20 priests, businesspersons and university professors. He engaged with them in a friendly and frank discussion concerning the dialogue between religions, the Resistance Arms in Lebanon and America's relations with the Muslims and the Arabs.

H.E. said:

In the beginning, I would like to welcome you, both from my heart and mind, because I believe that dialogue is the most important means of dealing with controversial issues.

The religion we believe in, Islam, teaches us to befriend the world and, as the Quran teaches us, to solve our problems with others in a way that turns our enemies into friends.

We believe in friendship between nations even of different religions or races. We, as Muslims, believe in peace. And we greet others with saying: "Peace be on you". Peace also is the greeting of the people of Paradise. We do not believe in violence as a means to solve differences between nations or as a basis of their relationship.

That is why I was the first to condemn what happened in nine eleven, since although we differ politically with the American Administration we do not fight America in this way… We respect the American people, and do not accept that it should be a victim of terror whatever the pretences were. We did not condemn what happened in America only but also in Britain… and in everywhere there were explosions that targeted innocent people. We call for the respect of the human being, even if we differ with him in religion, politics or any other aspect of life.

At the same time, we know that there are interests for America and the American people in the Muslims countries, just there are Muslim's interests in the US…

The Muslims who live in American as good citizens. We have always advised them to abide by the law and respect the security of the country. We have always advised the Muslims and the Arabs who live in America, whether those who are nationalized or those who have been living there for a long time, to be good citizens who cooperate with the American nation in its vital issues.

Moreover, we do not have any religious problem with the Jews. The Muslims have embraced the Jews and respected their freedoms, including their religious freedom, for hundreds of years, in which they were persecuted in the West. But, there is a fundamental problem represented by founding Israel on Palestinian land and persecuting the Palestinian people. In this respect, we believe that a lot of what you receive about the Palestinians being a terrorist people is not true.

When the Palestinians launch some rockets on areas in which some settlements are founded, it is a reaction to the Israeli violence against the Palestinians and besieging them. The Palestinian rockets are a reaction to the Israeli rockets as well as to the use of advanced American weapons, including warplanes against an unarmed people.

We are also at odds with neoconservative American Administration over their occupation to Iraq.

This occupation has killed tens of thousands and created a state of chaos in the country. Our problem with this Administration is a political one that has to do with our vital issues.

That is why we appealed to the American people to change this Administration and bring more balanced people who respect international law and the causes of the peoples, since this Administration has multiplied the feeling of hostility towards the US in our region.