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Fadlullah calls the Lebanese Authorities to recognize the Palestinians right to work in Lebanon

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation of the Lebanese Palestinian coalition for the right of the Palestinians in Lebanon to work. The general situation of the Palestinians in Lebanon, especially their right to work, was discussed. The two sides called for the right of equal treatment to the Palestinians who are socially secured.

The Palestinian law activist, Abu Abdallah, talked on behalf of the delegation. He thanked the Sayyed for his continuous support to the Palestinian cause, and the Palestinians' civil rights. He also expressed the appreciation of the Palestinians living in Lebanon, especially in the camps of Beirut, for the Sayyed. His Eminence addressed the delegation saying: I have always emphasized the right of the Palestinians who were unrightfully kicked out of their country and called the Muslims to preserve their humanity by providing them the means of decent living and respecting their dignity.

H.E. said that the questions put by the political reality about the opportunity of work for the Palestinians are un-humanitarian and unrealistic.

He pointed out that their naturalization in Lebanon is an international issue in which certain regional parties might take part, but the Palestinians do not accept it because they look forward to go to their country when they have a chance.

His Eminence called on the Lebanese Authorities to make every effort to secure to all Palestinians the normal and healthy conditions of life, including building houses in the camps, just like those around the camps are doing. He also called for legislating the Palestinians' work in Lebanon and facilitating their traveling from Lebanon and back to it. He added that the Arab countries should deal with the Palestinians as temporary citizens, so as to preserve their civil rights. They should also embrace their political cause, since it is the symbolic cause of the region that represents the criterion of justice in the entire world. But he warned that the Arab regimes, in general, do not adopt the Palestinian cause, instead, they seek to liberate themselves from it.

The Sayyed also called on the Palestinians to unify inside and outside Palestine, especially that they are in a difficult stage with the new Israeli government that is full of hatred towards them and that aims at displacing more Palestinians, adding that the there is no way of confronting this government except through unity and solidarity.