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Reception of Lebanese religious, partisan, social, and political figures, Bint Jbeil

 Reception of Sheikh Yazbick, and a delegation from Bint Jbeil
Fadlullah: The threats of the enemy come from a scared party

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, confirmed that the threats of the Israeli enemy against Lebanon actually come from someone who is scared, worried and afraid from the repercussions of any military adventure in the near future.

His Eminence emphasized the necessity of establishing links between the deprived areas in Lebanon, in order to consecrate the Islamic and national unity, calling for a continuous connection, especially between Baalbeck, Al-Hermel, and Akkar.

His Eminence received the Head of the Juristic Committee of Hezbollah, Sheikh Mohammad Yazbick, who visited the Sayyed to check on his health, and they discussed the Lebanese general situation, as well as the ongoing Israeli threats on several levels.

During the meeting, His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah, emphasized the necessity of catering for people's life conditions and services, especially in the deprived areas and specifically Baalbeck, Al-Hermel, and Akkar. He also called for establishing a link between these areas that suffer from major deprivations in people's primary needs, for this is part of the rules of national and Islamic unity that is in need for a political, intellectual, and cultural movement at all levels.

His Eminence saw that the threats released by the enemy's officials against Lebanon actually come from someone who is scared, nervous, and worried from the devastating repercussions of any possible military adventure in the near future. He also pointed out that waving the card of war is actually a part of the international game that aims to pass some political and even military and commercial deals in the region, and to maintain the pace of exporting arms to the region, and to extort some states and axes.

His Eminence also received a popular delegation from the village of Bint Jbeil, which included: the Head of Bint Jbeil Municipality, Afif Bazzi, and a number of mayors, dignitaries, prominent social figures, and academics.

Dr. Mustapha Bazzi delivered a speech that highly praised His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah, on behalf of the delegation. He said: No words are suitable enough to describe your status or the role you have played throughout your life, as your countless works could easily demonstrate.  

His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah addressed the delegation and extolled the village of Bint Jbeil; the solid fortress in the face of the occupation that gave the enemy hard lessons on confrontation and steadfastness. He also praised its scientific and intellectual history, its literary and religious legacy, and its prominent scholars, as well as its prominent role in major historic events and against many challenges that the nation and the homeland faced at the level of its destiny and survival. He also pointed out that Bint Jbeil, along with other villages and cities of Jabal A'amel, as well as other Lebanese regions, managed to protect the homeland and the future of its generations, especially during the July war in 2006.

His Eminence also received the Head of the National Media Council, Abdel Hadi Mahfouz, who discussed with the Sayyed several media and political affairs.