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Reception of a delegation from the Council of Karbala Governorate

Fadlullah: Internal sedition remains the challenge before the Iraqi people


His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation from The Council of Karbala Governorate headed by the council’s vice president Dr. Nasif al-Khatabi. The delegation briefed the Sayyed on the security situation in Iraq and the progress taking place on various developmental and education levels, following the hardships the Iraqis have experienced due to the occupation.

Al-Khatabi spoke for the delegation and told the Sayyed: we have known you through the books and the scholars who grasped from your knowledge and were taught by you. Today, we are honored to meet you, and as a governmental delegation coming from Karbala Local Governorate, we want to be guided by your enlightened thought and to listen to your comments on how to build Iraq after all the ideological destruction that plagued it, and after its enemies strived to provoke internal sedition and civil wars. But Iraq has started to rise again and embrace progress at the levels of political awareness and democracy. Iraq cannot be summed up with one faction and Islam cannot be summed up with one confession, and Arabism is wide enough to embrace everyone. There are real bright sides today in Iraq despite the gaps in the reconstruction process caused by the occupation.

Sayyed Fadlullah spoke to the delegation pointing to the importance of Al-Najaf religious schools and their active role in launching the movement of Islamic awareness, especially in the previous century, through the leading scholars who faced the British occupation and laid the cultural and scientific foundations  and enriched the Islamic movement with great scholars like Sayyed Muhammad Baker al-Sadr who enhanced the Islamic library and presented the scientific and economic Islamic vision in a new manner that keeps up with modern times. Therefore, one of the most acrostic crimes perpetrated by Saddam Hussein was his murdering of this great scholar, not to forget his other crimes against the Iraqi people and Al-Najaf Hawzah.

He added: I believe that Iraq, despite all the tragedies that befell it – whether by the regime of the tyrant or the occupation and its repercussions – is still able to offer much to the nation and the Islamic world, thanks to the creative ideological and cultural capacities that exist in this country. Everyone should work hard to provide the appropriate scientific and political and security environment for these capacities who can enrich the future of Iraq, just as its previous leading figures have enriched it in the past.

He added: “I believe that the arrogant powers and occupation are still seeking to stir an internal sedition in Iraq, and this remains a challenge before the Iraqi people, in addition to the challenge of expelling the occupation. Hence, the officials and the local governorates and the Iraqi people should altogether work hard to avoid sedition and prevent those who strive to return Iraq to confessional and partisan infighting from fulfilling their desires and objectives. Besides, it is the responsibility of all sides to cement the Islamic unity and work hand in hand in Iraq, both Sunnis and Shiites, in the framework of unifying all Islamic groups. They should also run for the elections in the context of unifying ranks and avoid being dragged into the details of marginal and narrow conflicts through which some aim at restoring factional sentiments at the expense of unifying national and Islamic feelings.

Sayyed Fadlullah also said that Israel, which managed to assassinate hundreds of key Iraqi leaders thanks to its intelligence, still represents a huge threat to Iraq and its unity. Even though Israel is preoccupied with threatening Iran at this moment, it plans through its intelligence networks to penetrate all the scientific positions and weaken the nation and assassinate the innovative capacities. It also seeks to stir up divisions among the Muslims to fulfill its goals in destroying and shattering the nation for the sake of its ruinous project throughout the Islamic and Arab world.