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Liberation of prisoners, Iran, Iranian peaceful nuclear project, the Zionist entity.

Sayyed Fadlullah received an Iranian delegation

Sayyed Fadlullah: Many indications reveal that several concerned parties started to recognize the Iranian rights of enriching uranium

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received the Iranian delegation that participated in the celebrations marking the Liberation of prisoners. The delegation was headed by Hussein Sheik al-Islam, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, and Khadnafar Rakan Abadi, the director general of the Middle East and North Africa desk at the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

The meeting touched on the general situation in Lebanon and the region and the recent developments regarding the Iranian peaceful nuclear project.

The Sayyed considered that the Zionist entity, through the Jewish lobby in America, is still seeking hard to push the American Administration to wage a new war with Iran. He also indicated that the Iranian peaceful nuclear project has entered a new stage where pressures on Iran might be escalated without being able to drive Iran to give up its rights of enriching uranium. He also stressed that many indications reveal that several concerned parties have started to recognize these rights, while trying to impose some conditions that might save all faces whether regarding this issue or the relations with the West in general.