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Dialogue, the war on Gaza, the Western media, Israel

Sayyed Fadlullah received an international delegation of university professors, human rights activists, and students:
The Western administrations are unconcerned about international security and peace

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation of human right activists, university professors, and students from a number of eastern and western countries, including the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, China, Ireland, and Finland.

A dialogue took place on the Islamic perception of dialogue, human rights, and the Islam's position towards democracy, in addition to the situation in Palestine, the events in Gaza and the brutal Israeli war, and its repercussions on the region in general.

His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah, said that the main problem of the Western administrations' approach for the Arab-Israeli issue is that they considered Israel as a sacred entity that should not be criticized, to the extent that it has risen above international law, human rights, and all the legislations and laws that protect the human beings and secure their minimal rights to life, as well as the people's right to determine their own destiny.

He added: "Israel, which prevented the human right envoy from entering to the occupied Palestine and detained him for 30 hours at the airport a few days before its brutal war on Gaza, was highly reassured that the so-called free world and the Western administrations in specific, will give it enough time to commit as many carnages as it desires. These administrations have earlier hampered the prosecution of Israel in the Jenine and Qana massacres and secured a continuous cover for the Israeli wars. Once again, these countries, from Canada to the European Union countries, refused the formation of a fact-finding committee to look into Israel's crimes and the use of the internationally-banned white phosphorous bombs, as seen by millions of people on television channels.

But when it comes to the Israeli violations of human rights, this talk becomes a taboo; because this world has decided to allow Israel to destroy and wreak havoc in the region under the slogan of "self-defense", which is destined to annihilate entire nations.

He continued: "This world, which keeps talking about the freedom of expression and free media, and lectures on democracy and human rights, prevents its media from displaying the most heinous humanitarian tragedy of this era and the pictures of the massacres Israel has perpetrated in Gaza, although this same media had sided with the American army in its wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, and was regarded as part of the battle. But in Palestine, the Palestinians are murdered and slaughtered, without hearing any western objection to this massacre that reflects the West's abandonment of its commitments to human rights and the Geneva conventions and other titles they brandish when any Jewish citizen is criticized or threatened. Instead, they rush to throw charges of anti-Semitism and encroachment of the international law and human rights.

The Sayyed also said that giving Israel this unrestricted freedom to wreak havoc in the region means that the Western administrations in particular are not concerned about international security and peace, and that they close their eyes to the referendum conducted by the European Commission a few years ago, in which the vast European people said that Israel represents the primary threat to international security. Besides, these countries are not concerned about the repercussions of this crazy war on the Palestinian people, namely the expansion of the so-called extremism and terrorism in the region and worldwide. It is indeed an illusion to believe that a war of this level of brutality and criminality will not leave its psychological and violent impact on various arenas, namely our region and certain sites of the world. Time has come for this world to realize that pressuring our people will not make them revolt on the resistance and mujahidin, but they will rather undermine the camp which the west labels as "moderate".

Sayyed Fadlullah concluded that the failure of the Arabs in deterring this war will prompt Israel to plan for new wars against various Arab and Islamic countries in the future. For this reason, all those who care for our people's rights and the resistance and opposition forces must be prepared at all levels to face this enemy that only understands the language of power. This enemy is conveying bloody messages to the Arab and Islamic nations, warning them that they will face the same destiny the Gazans have faced if they do not acknowledge defeat and surrender to its conditions. But our people who started the march of resistance and renaissance will never succumb to this entity that does not only represent a threat to the Arabs and Muslims, but also to all humanitarian and civilized values.