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Receiving a Malaysian Delegation:
Fadlullah: Adhering to the humanitarian and Religious values is an element of strength

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a Malaysian delegation that included many businessmen, students, lawyers and social and economic activists. Rohi Zad spoke on behalf of the delegation explaining that they are visiting Lebanon to learn about it through meeting with the political and spiritual leaders, with the aim of benefiting from the Lebanese experiment in the field of building its own power in the face of Israel.

Fadlullah addressed the delegation with a speech in which he praised Malaysia, the Muslim country that has able to build scientific strength and industrial and technological infrastructure as well as opening up on the contemporary Islamic causes, and particularly the Palestinian cause.

H.E. emphasized that the strength of the Muslims lies in their unity and in their commitment to the Islamic causes and their defending the rightful causes and the freedom of the downtrodden nations, since the cause of freedom is indivisible, and the commitment to the religious and humanitarian values represents an element of strength in the path of adhering to the right and rejecting falsehood.

The Sayyed stressed on the need for all Islamic parties to establish an international Islamic united front that faces the Arrogant powers on the one hand, and allows Muslims to be influential in international decision making spheres on the other hand.