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Sayyed Fadlullah warned that there are guards who hinder the Palestinian as well as the Lebanese dialogue

Receiving a delegation of the "Islamic Jihad movement", Sayyed Fadlullah warned that there are guards who hinder the Palestinian as well as the Lebanese dialogue


The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received a delegation of the "Islamic Jihad movement" headed by its representative in Lebanon, Abou Imad al-Rifaii, and discussed with them the general situation, especially that of the Palestinians in Lebanon and the recent developments in Occupied Palestine, after the massacres, assassinations and the ongoing Israeli besiege on Gaza Strip.

The meeting touched on the Palestinian-Palestinian meetings as well as the Palestinian-Arab meetings that aim at protecting the Palestinian front in confronting the Israeli plans.

Al-Rifaii stressed that the Palestinians refuse settlement and that they have a decisive and indisputable stand regarding it, since the issue is related to the Palestinian cause and the political principles that can not be tampered with.

On his part, His Eminence emphasized that we can not trust the American Administration when it announces that it refuses settlement. That is because this neoconservative Administration that refuses the Palestinians' right of return can not present reassurances for the Lebanese or others, at a time it says that Palestine is a Jewish state and it does not pressure Israel to allow the Palestinians to live their daily lives in the West Bank, amidst the aggravated continuous Israeli aggressions and settlements that were enlarged after the Annapolis Conference.

The Sayyed added: The Resistance and the Intifada groups should monitor the Israeli attempts to fragment them, and they should also consolidate their unity. That is because Israeli has been working on alienating and neutralizing certain Palestinian parties from the sphere of the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, but it has failed because the Palestinian people is united in confronting the enemy and in supporting the Resistance, especially after the Palestinians had felt that America and Israel are working on killing time in a bid to drop the internal Palestinian reality.

Sayyed Fadlullah also laid stress on the importance of seeking to take the Palestinian-Palestinian dialogue to the safe shore and reach its fruitful results.

He also warned that there are some parties who are plunging this dialogue into the mazes of the Arabs who might seek to get out of the sphere of embarrassment they have fallen in.

In addition, he indicated that there are guards who are working on hindering this dialogue and making it ineffective. There are also some guards who work on paralyzing the movement of the Lebanese dialogue and preventing it from following the realistic lines.

The Sayyed stressed that the Palestinians ought to be given their civil rights in Lebanon and to be embraced socially, humanly and Islamically, because this represents an Arab and Islamic obligation on the one hand, and a movement that helps in activating their role in refusing settling and acknowledging their right of return, on the other hand.