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Islamic unity, dialogue, the Muslims in the west

Fadlullah received the Secretary General of the Islamic Unity Forum :
The only way to face the extremists and strife makers is by defending Islamic concepts

His Eminence the Religious Authority Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlullah received the Secretary General of the Islamic Unity Forum in Britain Dr. Kamal Helbawi, his Secretary Mr. Salah al-Doqomji, Sheikh Hassan al-Tariki, and Mr. Mohammad Kazir. The meeting addressed the challenges facing Islam in the West at various ideological and political levels, in addition to the negative impact of the Islamic divisions which hinder Muslims from facing the distortion campaigns against Islam. Dr. Helbawi explained

the procession of the action of the Islamic Unity Forum in Britain and its two objectives: The first objective pertains to the unity of the Muslims, both Shiites and Sunnis, their continuous calls for rapprochement and dialogue, and their performance as one group, the concern of which is to safeguard and preserve Islam. The second objective relates to erasing the image of Islam as a backward religion, which some try to attach to it so that people keep away from Islam, especially in light of this growing interest to get to know it and understand its concepts and rulings. For his part, His Eminence Sayyed Fadlullah welcomed the delegation, pointing to the role played by the Forum to unite the ranks of the Muslims in the West and defend Islam against these campaigns, which accuse Islam of treason and terrorization, carried out by official and unofficial sides in many Western countries. His Eminence described the current period as very critical, particularly since many study centers in the West which regard Islam as a scary neighbor and a foe that should be conquered, are seeking to provoke divisions between the Islamic sects to realize their purposes. Besides, the Zionist enemy, which is busy healing its wounds and regaining the previous deterrence power of its army following the July war, is looking forward to wreaking havoc in the region and in the Islamic arena by stirring up intra-Islamic strife. This chaos is the purpose of the Zionist study centers and was clearly discussed by the Zionists at the recent Herzliya Conference. His Eminence called for approaching history in a way that let the word of the Muslims prevail in their current reality and future aspirations. He also noted that one of the best ways to face the extremists and the strife-makers is by defending the general concepts of Islam, aside from the narrow confessional considerations, since the engagement of all Muslims in defending Islam and its concepts and its Prophet (p) will make them one bloc in the face of the enemies of Islam and the Quran and the Prophet (p). "His Eminence hoped the educated and wise Islamic groups - who live in the West and within diverse Islamic communities - would entrench the Islamic unity on the one hand, and communicate with various cultural and ideological Western centers on the other hand, especially in light of this freedom that exists in the west, which allows them to present the real civilized image of Islam.